Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've Got A Good Feeling

Robert Smith just called the Buffs upset over KU on ESPN... I'm feeling pretty good about this one too.

I'm not sure what we're planning on doing today at QB, personally I'd like to see Ballenger get in a few series when it matters to see how he performs. I love Cody, I think he's a great kid, and I've defended him before on this blog, but he is playing pretty terrible this year. He seems to have taken a step back from the end of last season. I think we need to see what Ballenger can do in real game situations. I'm not saying he's the answer, but I'm saying you'll never know unless you stick him in the game and see what he can do.

Like I said, I'm feeling good about today's game. I'm not sold on KU this season. They needed an epic comeback last week to beat Iowa State, and they have had a pretty weak schedule up to this point, losing to the only decent team they've played.

Here's the latest from my favorite youtuber of all-time, jgbuffs1, to help you kill some time before the game....

Go Buffs!

"Broncos Fan 'Till I Dizzie"

I was just saying to a friend the other day.... "You know what this season is missing, friend that I made up for this story? A Denver Broncos rap song"

Then I found this little gem.....

I know what some of you are thinking... probably something along the lines of "Wow. That was absolutely awful" But you have to give the guy some props for the effort. Seriously. He used the phrase "rememberable people".... and rhymed it. That is not easy folks. "Remembreable" isn't even clost to being a real word. He also claims he didn't give up on the Donks after they lost the AFC Championship game to Pittsburgh, he stayed a true Broncos fan. Even after they went 13-3, and were one win from the Super Bowl, he still stuck with his team. Wow. This dude is for real.

And that is a true fan my friends... that's what makes this anonymous rapper, known simply as RealTrue661, a "rememberable" Broncos fan.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

CU vs. CSU Prediction

My buddy Mike, who went to CSU, has been emailing a lot this past week saying that he thought CSU would win 72-16. He also mentioned something about another one of our buddies mom being involved in some sort of gang-bang gonzo type video that somehow displayed CSU's dominance of CU.

I feel fairly confident that neither of these are true.

This is the main problem I have with CSU. I usually could give tow shites about them during the rest of the season. I always hope they do well because it looks good for the state, but deep down I really don't care. They just aren't that important as a team. But their fans... them I have a problem with.

You see, like most CSU "fans", my buddy Mikey only pays attention to the Rams for one weekend per season. This weekend. It's a pretty safe bet that the majority of their "fans" can't name more than two players on the current CSU roster, and after this weekend they'll all go on about their lives not going to Ft. Collins to watch any games, and generally not paying attention to their alma mater.

But this weekend, they are the biggest CSU fans in the world.... until CU is up by 28 points in the first half and they start claiming that it doesn't really matter to them.

So I have my own prediction for Mike and all of the CSU fans out there, a counter to the 72-16 prediction.....

I predict CU will win this game Eleventeen thousand to 1. CSU gets a late extra point to break up the shutout.

Your move, Ft. Collins.

CSU sucks a hobo's dickcheese.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A little something to get you fired up for Sunday's game

Haven't been doing a lot of blogging lately... my bad on that one. I've spent the last three weeks locked in a concrete room with no windows or booze as I deftly analyzed every possibility and outcome to better prepare myself for my Fantasy Football drafts.

I'll tell you if it was worth it in January.

But that is the past my friends, and I am looking to the future. I'm about as excited as I've ever been to start a new Buff season. Our team is a complete wildcard this season, filled with heaps of young talent and spit and vinegar. We could be exceedingly better than last season and still end up with a worse record. A brutal schedule can do that to a young team.

Then again, maybe the youngsters will step up to their full potential right off the bat and blow everyone away (like Megan Fox in the movie Transformers). It's hard to say what young talent will do. But it sure as hell will be entertaining.

So here are a few clips from the youtubes to get you properly good and fired up for the ass-kicking headed CSU's way this Sunday.

Go Buffs!

If you have even more time to kill, do yourselves a favor and look up jgbuffs1 on a youtube search. If you're out there jgbuffs1, whoever you are, you are doing God's work my friend. Keep it up.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Happened Mike Bohn? Were you bit? Did you eat their brownies? DID YOU EAT THEIR BROWNIES!!?!?

University of Colorado AD Mike Bohn announced plans yesterday to make Folsom Field into the first zero-waste football stadium in the country.

"Our football coach talks about returning the national championship to Boulder," Bohn said on the first day of practice. "We want to be more than good. We want to be innovative. We want to set the standard for what is intercollegiate athletics at the highest level."

Stupid football coach. He wants CU to try to win national championships again? But what about the bigger issues Dan Hawkins??!?! Stop trying to do the job you were hired to do and get on board the CU Green Train!!

CU plans to recycle or compost all of the average 10 tons of garbage created at each football game. They also plan to purchase carbon offset from the Colorado Carbon Fund in order to offset the energy used by the stadium, and by the team during air travel. I'm sure all of the boosters and donors who sent money to the athletic program envisioned their money being put to this exact use when donating.

After tackling this issue, word is that Bohn will be taking on our world's biggest threat.... Manbearpig.

But the zero-waste effort at Folsom doesn't stop with a simple recycling plan.

And in a move that may draw "only in Boulder" eyeball rolling in some corners of the Big 12, Bohn announced a valet parking for bicycles with a bicycle corral at the stadium. It will be manned by volunteer students, as will the composting and recycling bins inside the stadium.

Sweet. A valet bicycle parking area. That is just awesome. You know, bullshit like this is the exact reason why we will never be a dominant football program again. I wonder if you'll get extra green points if you "bikepool" up from Denver like these dudes:

I don't know why CU has stopped with just these changes, here are a few others I've come up with that could help make the games even greener:

- The CU band will be replaced by a large hippie drum circle. Following every CU touchdown the hippies will just jam for as long as they are feelin' it. The games will last about 27 times longer than a normal game, but just imagine how mellow everyone will be while they're groovin' to some bongos bro...

- All hot dogs and other meat products will be replaced with Tofu.

- The only drinks served at games will be water you bring yourself from Boulder Creek, and homemade green tea.

- Every single halftime show will be a screening of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" on the Jumbotron.

- Every fan caught driving to the game in an SUV will be brought onto the field between the 3rd and 4th quarters to be loudly booed by the crowd, and sprayed with water hoses shaped like gas-pump nozzles by local hippies.

Sometimes it's hard being a CU alum.... Where is Eric Cartman when you really need him?

In a related story, SEC schools have said that they will no longer dump the vats of chew spit collected at their games into local swimmin' holes. They will now dump then in southward flowing rivers in order to "send that shit to Mexico".

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Whoever said watching a bunch of old dudes playing golf was boring? Yesterday's round at the PGA's US Senior Open in Colorado Springs was right out of a Mountain Dew commercial. There were elderly men attempting to walk a few miles, the record breaking heat.... oh yeah, and there were bears.

Right after Hale Irwin missed a par putt on the 12th hole, the bear darted across the fairway of The Broadmoor Golf Course during the PGA's US Senior Open's second round which was being televised live on national TV.

The bear stopped to sniff a few items left by fans. No injuries were reported.


Perhaps there were some ladies in the audience menstruating?

Actually, this would be a pretty entertaining way to spice up some of the more boring sports to watch that are currently all over my TV.

Would you watch the WNBA if you knew that at some point during each half a hungry grizzly bear would be released onto the court? Well, probably not.... But I'd definitely watch the highlights.