Sunday, August 31, 2008

CU vs. CSU Prediction

My buddy Mike, who went to CSU, has been emailing a lot this past week saying that he thought CSU would win 72-16. He also mentioned something about another one of our buddies mom being involved in some sort of gang-bang gonzo type video that somehow displayed CSU's dominance of CU.

I feel fairly confident that neither of these are true.

This is the main problem I have with CSU. I usually could give tow shites about them during the rest of the season. I always hope they do well because it looks good for the state, but deep down I really don't care. They just aren't that important as a team. But their fans... them I have a problem with.

You see, like most CSU "fans", my buddy Mikey only pays attention to the Rams for one weekend per season. This weekend. It's a pretty safe bet that the majority of their "fans" can't name more than two players on the current CSU roster, and after this weekend they'll all go on about their lives not going to Ft. Collins to watch any games, and generally not paying attention to their alma mater.

But this weekend, they are the biggest CSU fans in the world.... until CU is up by 28 points in the first half and they start claiming that it doesn't really matter to them.

So I have my own prediction for Mike and all of the CSU fans out there, a counter to the 72-16 prediction.....

I predict CU will win this game Eleventeen thousand to 1. CSU gets a late extra point to break up the shutout.

Your move, Ft. Collins.

CSU sucks a hobo's dickcheese.


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I went with CU 38 CSU 17 I was so sure about this I don't understand how he thought about and got to 72-16.
I understand the problem you have with CSU. "because it looks good for the state" I am not sure I care either actually.
Brilliant Post!

Thank you for this!
James H.

Anonymous said...

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