Saturday, August 2, 2008


Whoever said watching a bunch of old dudes playing golf was boring? Yesterday's round at the PGA's US Senior Open in Colorado Springs was right out of a Mountain Dew commercial. There were elderly men attempting to walk a few miles, the record breaking heat.... oh yeah, and there were bears.

Right after Hale Irwin missed a par putt on the 12th hole, the bear darted across the fairway of The Broadmoor Golf Course during the PGA's US Senior Open's second round which was being televised live on national TV.

The bear stopped to sniff a few items left by fans. No injuries were reported.


Perhaps there were some ladies in the audience menstruating?

Actually, this would be a pretty entertaining way to spice up some of the more boring sports to watch that are currently all over my TV.

Would you watch the WNBA if you knew that at some point during each half a hungry grizzly bear would be released onto the court? Well, probably not.... But I'd definitely watch the highlights.


Commish CH said...

yo, they had deers on the green during the final round!

Of course, things like this do nothing to help debunk the common misconception among east coasters that we still live in the 1800's Wild West.