Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Umm.... What??

Did the Nuggets really just trade Marcus Camby for jack shit? Is this an actual trade or some kind of prank?

What the hell are we doing?

The best the Nugget brass could come up with for Camby was the rights to swap 2nd round draft picks in 2010 with the LA Clippers. That's it!?? What, the rights to retire Pooh Richardson's jersey weren't available? How about just a Ron Harper throwback?

We are talking about the guy who led the NBA in blocks, was 2nd in rebounding, was 1st team All Defense, was the Defensive Player of the Year 2 seasons ago, and is the only good defender on a terrible defensive team, right? I hope the Nuggets didn't think that they were trading Jelani McCoy and then they fucked up the paperwork.

So where does this leave our team? We've traded Camby... for nothing in return. Lost Eduardo Najera to free agency. So that leaves us with Nene and K-Mart in the front court, and that's it. So we have two injury prone big men and nothing else.

Wait... I think we may still have Steven Hunter under contract too. So... you know... there's that.

I hope we have some big plans for that $10 million trade exception. We'd better. But I don't know who would be willing to deal with us right now.

Maybe we could get someone like LeMarcus Aldridge? Now that Portland has Oden back healthy along with Channing Frye, Travis Outlaw and Ike Diogu things are crowded in their front court. Although, they'd probably want to move Frye first, and I doubt they'd deal with us since we're both in the Northwest Division.

Another possibility could be Nick Collison. Seattle is loaded with big men. But again we are in the same division and they have other players they'd try to move first. Maybe we could get Robert Swift from them..... dare I dream??

Another possible move is a sign and trade for Emeka Okafor. Although that's probably not realistic. The Bobcats have said that they will match any offer for Okafor and they don't really have anyone up front if he leaves.

So right now it looks like we're pretty much screwed. I guess we're putting all of our eggs in the "Nene and K-Mart stay healthy for a full season" basket. That should end well.


Commish CH said...

Good options you here list brah. Can we get Cadillac Anderson to come back? Priest Lauderdale?

JT said...

How about Tom Hammonds, aka "The Consummate Professional"? Or maybe we can get Calvin Natt to come out of retirement.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Hell, may as well suit up Dan Issel or Blair Rasmussen. They're probably at least as dependable as Nene.