Friday, July 11, 2008

Why can't the good guy ever catch a break?

So.... Travis Henry has apparently tested positive for drug use again.

That's just special.

Honestly, has there ever been a more tardtastic athlete in the history of sports?

Let's see, he knocked a different chick up nine different times, he's constantly forgetting to pay child-support, he's now tested positive for marijuana at least three times....

I think that he's missing the part of the brain that helps us learn from our mistakes.

In fact, if we x-rayed his brain Homer Simpson style, it probably looks something like this:

I like to imagine him as a kid at his house, playing around the stove....

Mom - "Travis baby, don't touch that stove... it's hot."
Henry - "Huh? This stove? (puts his hand directly on the flaming hot burner) OW! THAT'S HOT!!"
Mom - "Dammit Travis! I told you it was hot! Now don't touch that stove again!!"
Henry - "Huh? This stove? (puts hand on it again) OWWWW!!!"

...and scene.

Seriously though, thank God Shanny dumped this waste of talent last month. You have to feel a little for the guy though. A year ago he had just signed a $22.5 million contract, he was the starting RB for the most potent rushing offense of the past decade... fast forward one year and he's been cut from the Broncos, he owes child support on 9 kids, he's looking at least at a one year suspension, and at age 29 it's likely he may have played his last football game and squandered his entire fortune.

Actually, fuck that turd. Good riddance Travis Henry.