Friday, June 22, 2007

Is JT on the bandwagon yet?

After yesterday's posting on the Rockies being the best team in the AL East, several people have asked me if I'm on the Rockies bandwagon now.

My answer?

I'm interested..... but.... cue the dramatic music.... no.

They're having a good run, and it has been fun to watch, but I just don't quite believe yet. Sorry Brainz.

Let me explain.

I officially jumped ship a couple years ago after it became clear that we were going to abandon the "Blake Street Bomber" theory of baseball, put our balls in a humidor, and try to make the games more boring. We may have always been average in the past, but we were always fun to watch. Plus, they have frequently been just good enought to make you say, "they'll be better next year" only they don't make any moves, don't re-sign their best free-agents, and end up starting over the next season.

This is why I can't get on board with the Rox. We draft well, develop talent, get them to the bigs and watch them get better and better. Then, when it's time to pay up to keep them, ownership refuses and they end up on the Yankees or something. We are like a AAAA team. We just develop talent for the rest of the league.

So no matter how much I love watching Matt Holiday, Troy Tulowitzki, Jeff Francis, Brad Hawpe, Garrett Atkins and the rest of the boys play, I can't get through the fact that they will probably be wearing another teams colors in the next couple of years. It would be one thing if I knew these guys would all be on the squad for the next 5-7 years, but knowing our ownership, they probably won't.

I don't want to get attached too deeply, only to be let down again. I got tired of being like that girl who keeps letting her boyfriend come over every time he's wasted, only to have him break up with her again the next morning when she thinks they're back together.... you know what? That whole analogy made more sense in my head.

So until upper management can prove to me that they are willing to spend some money to keep a core team together, I'm not willing to completely attach myself to them. I'll cheer them on, because they'll always be my favorite baseball team, but I'll never completely believe until ownership shows me they're committed to winning, and they try to make some moves.

Look at the other teams in town. The Broncos spend money and sometimes fail (Brian Griese), the Nuggets spend money and sometimes fail (Kenyon Martin, Tariq Abdul Wahad), and the Avalanche used to spend money before the new salary cap completely befuddled Pierre Lacroix. But they were all out there spending money, trying to get better and win championships.

You know that Stan Kroenke wants to win. You know that Pat Bowlen wants to win. But what about the Montforts? The Rox tried and failed a couple of times several seasons ago and decided to give up on it all, and go the cheap and average rout. That's why I can't jump on the bandwagon yet, because I don't believe that ownership is on the bandwagon. So why would I be?

But that doesn't mean I don't root for them, they're still my favorite team and I want them to do well. I mean, I still like them. But just not in that way anymore. They've let me down too many times... We're just friends now.


Flip Washington said...

You were right on with this post. Same shit, a different year. The only constant has been Hurdle, O'Dowd and those twat owners. I think O'Dowd is actually not doing that bad of a job, but the rest of them need to be dropped like hot puke off a Coors Field toilet. Bastards.