Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who's the Best Team in the AL East? The Colorado Rockies.


- The Rockies are in 4th place in the NL West.

- The Rockies record would put them in 2nd place in the AL East.

- 2007 team payrolls:
- Yankees - $189,639,045. (1)
- Red Sox - $143,026,214. (2)
- Orioles - $ 93,554,808. (10)
- Toronto - $ 81,942,800. (16)
- Rockies - $ 54,424,000. (25)
- Tampa Bay - $ 24,123,500. (30)

- The Rockies are 9-3 against the AL East, winning all four series. Including 2 of 3 from the Red Sox at Fenway, and a sweep of the Yankees.

I don't know East Coasters, but just by looking at these numbers, I'd say the Rox would easily win your division, and for 1/3 the cost in salary (although I wish that weren't the case, more on that tomorrow). And who says the best hitters are in the AL? Against the vaunted Red Sox and Yankees lineups, the Rockies have given up 10 runs in 6 games! That's an ERA of 1.67 against the baddest lineups in the land! A-Rod, Big Papi and the boys need to consider themselves lucky they don't play in the NL West. Three of the lowest 4 individual ERA's pitch in the NL West, and 4 out of the lowest 9 team ERA's are in the NL West (The Rox bring up the rear ranked at 15th in the MLB, but have a 3.24 team ERA since May 22nd). Consider that when looking at Matt Holliday .366 batting average.

So much for the National League being inferior to the American League.

Here's what Joe Torre has to say about the Rox:

"I don't want to see them again, how's that?"

Maybe we can pad our record a little more against Toronto this weekend before we get back to the real stuff.... Playing National League teams.


TryTime5280 said...

Every day's a Holliday! Just keep winning series! We need to be this hot come west-coast-road-trip time. Can you imagine going on a streak like this when you got 3 in SF, 3 in LA and 4 in SD? It seems like Garret is starting to heat up, Tulo has got to be in the front running for NL ROY, Jeffrey Franchise has become our defacto Ace and Brian Fuentes has emerged as a premier closer. Gotta love it.