Friday, June 22, 2007

You Know It's Amazing!...4

Yeah! So, I'm back from Maui and peelin' like a mofo bro! That sweatproof, waterproof sunscreen --- don't believe the hype. Reapplication, I'm thinkin' that's the key.

Having never surfed in my life I gave it a shot in Kihei. I wouldn't say conditions were ideal, but it is shallow and there are some waves for beginners. It took just under 2 hours. The best part was standing up on the board and actually surfing a little bit. The worst part was all of the rocks that were under the shallow water.

Honestly how good of an idea is this?
Slushy Gutter comes through w/ a nice hip/hop beer mix. I've gotta question the Miller Chill beer call though. I tried that stuff, and it sorta tastes like somebody dumped a warm margarita (w/ salt) into a cerveza. In fact, I'm actually kind of happy somebody busted into my garage and stole the other 9 from me. Serves them right, they can keep that schwetty balls beer. However, I do have an issue w/ them taking my dozen Pacificos. Payback is hell, and they better hope I don't catch 'em slippin'. Stealin' another man's beer is a serious, serious deal. Though I'm sure there are high schoolers and young college students out there that have to resort to that sort of thing to get a beer these days.

What Rockies Bandwagon? I'm w/ JT and the majority of the fans here in Denver. I have yet to jump on the bandwagon since the Rockies brought the MLB to Denver. In case you hadn't noticed there aren't a whole lot of native Coloradans. Everybody here is from somewhere else, so it is completely normal for them to move here w/ other loyalties to older and more established teams. Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Tigers, Dodgers, and it goes on and on. Nobody that can afford a Rockies ticket grew up w/ them. I do admire the Rockies fan in Denver though, and I pull for them more often than not, however I've got my problems w/ the hometown team. I do consider myself a baseball fan and enjoy watching the game, I can name the Rockies starting line-up and rotation without too much trouble. Fantasy baseball has even worked its way into my life the last few seasons, unlike fantasy football, I don't even have any money invested in my team. My fantasy baseball league is purely for fun. Unlike previous years, not one Rockie is on my team. I don't even really follow the Rockies boxscores. I've watched college baseball coverage more often than I watched the Rockies in the last 4 seasons. My family had tickets to opening day (an annual occurrence), and we chose to stay out at the bars rather than go to the game. If that doesn't pretty much sum it up, I'm not sure what does. I'll have another whole column on my disappointment in Rockies baseball at a later date.

Speaking of college baseball, I really wish CU would cut the crap and bring back baseball. If you've paid any attention to Nebraska's baseball program, you'd know that they routinely get all the best players from Colorado and around the Midwest. Of course their head coach is Mike Anderson, who went and played at UNC. When did we let Nebraska start having everything? How can a recruit look at CU and look at NU and make the decision to become a Husker? I just can't understand it. I guess if they are recruits for rifle, bowling, baseball, softball, or wrestling then Nebraska has a slight edge because they actually field teams for those sports.

The NCAA sux. Probation, really? Walk-ons / non scholarship players are on the team man, they're sacrificing more than any of the scholarship players and they gotta pay full price for their 'training table' meals when the on campus dining halls are open too? How's that for the almighty NCAA supporting teams and sportsmanship? At least the penalty wasn't paid to the NCAA and was donated. Is there a more overpaid jag-off than Miles Brand? You know it's amazing, when I was on scholarship I'd eat at the training table, and then go back and eat at the dining hall afterwards. The ol' double dip. Am I going to receive a bill in the mail from the tax exempt association that oversees the dining halls on the CU campus? Will CU have to donate more money because of that? Are the assoc. AD's at CU more honest than everywhere else? I gotta believe that much larger violations are occurring elsewhere, and that they'll go unpunished. When has CU caught a break? What's up w/ Ceal Barry reporting it (the right thing to do) in 2005, and the NCAA just getting around to putting us on probation now? We could have won just as many games without those couple of scholarships the last few years.

Our former teammate and 2 time All-Star Chancey Billups just opted out of his contract. Status = unrestricted. Sounds like the Pistons are gonna lock him up w/ another contract this summer. CB has been a great fit for Detroit and is the face of the franchise at this point.

You know it's amazing when ESPN is reporting on eating contests. Kobayashi is day to day w/ a jaw injury? And I saw his face on SportsCenter like 10 times on Monday, man we're hurting for sports news at this point aren't we. Football can't start soon enough. Once this site takes off, we're sponsoring a Bocce ball league and we're gonna run it May - Aug. and it's probably gonna make a few highlight reels. Consider yourselves warned.

How long will it be before the Broncos can go after Lance Briggs? I just don't think they've addressed the LB position enough after Al Wilson's departure. I'm gonna say between weeks 5-8. That is after San Diego, during the bye week, and all the way through the Pittsburgh game here. After Fast Willie Parker goes for 162 yards and 2 TD's I think that the Orange & Blue will be beggin' for a glimpse of previous years run defense. Who knows maybe they start talking about adding "Tank" Johnson to the d-line after that?

Elway Day. 07/07/07 this is Denver and the guy is a legend here, do we need another reason. Do yourself a favor and toast a couple to Johnny Elway next Saturday.