Monday, June 25, 2007

Still the Greatest. Some things never change

The greatest football player who ever lived.... scratch that.

The greatest athlete in the history of mankind..... scratch that one too.

The greatest collection of DNA that the human race has ever produced, is once again a champion. That fits.

Ol' #7 has done it again. John Elway wins yet another championship. Was there ever any doubt?

That's right, yesterday Elway took on a formidable cast of foes (a list including retired Steelers coach Bill Cowher, video game entrepreneur / skateboarder Tony Hawk, singer Jewel, a rodeo guy, and a wrestler) and took them all down, winning by over 3 seconds. Elway averaged 149 mph during the race, didn't hit anything on the track, or any other cars, and he didn't stall the car once. These all seemed to be issues for the other drivers, but not for Elway who handled that car like he handled many a Broncos last minute drive, in total control.

I think Kenny Mayne summed it up best when he said:

"Millions of years from now, when the sun no longer exists and cars can fly, the poets will write, 'John Elway is the greatest celebrity car driver ever.' He is the champion. Congratulations."

Well said Mr. Mayne.

As if we needed anymore proof that John Elway is the greatest human ever, now we can add "Celebrity Car Racing Champ" to his list of feats.

-- This brings me to my next Elway related issue today. A reader of ours named Matt Allinson sent in an email that needs to be posted, as it is one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard. Here's what Matt said:

And a good day to you. I come to you because I have no one else to turn
to (that I know of). I'll make it brief, because I know you are busy
men with deadlines to meet and snacks to eat. July 7th (aka 07-07-07)
is sneaking up on us quickly and beyond being one of the most popular
days of all time to get married, the date also seems to lend itself,
rather seamlessly, to a tribute to our beloved John Albert Elway. He
was the number seven to beat all number sevens - at least in this
fellow's opinion. I'm not suggesting an organized rally or fawning
columns in the paper or Reggie Rivers fucking up an interview with him;
I'm merely asking the Denver Metropolitan area, the Rocky Mountain
Region and the Nation as a whole to take a moment and appreciate what
the man with the golden arm and the imposing teeth did for football. If
you have a jersey, throw it on (and I may pay a pretty penny to see
someone wearing one at a wedding). If you have a copy of Super Bowl
XXXII or XXXIII, insert it into the VCR (DVD player?) and enjoy. If you
live in Denver, go to his restaurant. If nothing else, Google him.
There's really no better day to honor The Comeback Kid and anytime you
can remind people to do so leading up to the 7th would be great. If
not, I understand. But not really.

I'll be contacting the mayor's office to see if we can't get the day
renamed in His honor, even though we've probably had about a dozen John
Elway days by now.

First off Matt, I'm glad that we are someone that you feel you can turn to in a time of need such as this. If we Homers can't help each other out, than what good is this crazy world we live in?

Second, this is an incredible idea that needs to happen. Rest assured we will do our part to have 07/07/07 officially recognized as John Elway Day, a nationally recognized holiday where we will all have the day off work, we will all wear our Elway jerseys and other paraphernalia, and we will all gather in Washington Park and re-enact The Drive, The Dive, and various other great moments in Elway's unmatched career. We'll sing the "I Love Elway" Song. We'll probably be very drunk.

To all of our other readers, it's time join in the revolution. Make 07/07/07 John Elway day, call in sick to work, call your congressman, email AM950, the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Mayor Hickenlooper, Governor Ritter, Sammy Winder, anyone you can think of. Send this link on to all of your friends and let's get some momentum going for this thing. Matt has planted the seed, now it is up to us to make this baby grow! Thank you for your vision Matt!

Also, any bar / club owners that may read our blog, if you create some sort of celebration for Elway Day, count me in.

In other sports news:

- The Bandwagon loses some weight as the Rox get swept by the Blue Jays. I hope I didn't jinx them with that whole "best team in the AL East" thing last week. Although, at the time it was true. It's a tricky thing, playing in Canada. I mean, I still haven't worked out the exchange rate exactly, but I think that once you do the math that we actually won the first two games. So technically I was right.

Plus, a lot of teams have been nearly no-hit by Dustin McGowan.... wait, what do you mean they haven't? Have you seen the size of those mutton chops? He's got a 5.85 lifetime ERA people!

We've got Jeff Francis going against the Cubs today, so hopefully this little losing streak will end before it gets out of hand.

- Attention Nuggets fans, with no picks in Thursday's NBA draft, make sure you head out and purchase one of these draft day Nuggets hats! No one else will be wearing it that day, and you and your friends can pretend to get signed to a free agent contract or something.


Flip Washington said...

This is a noble and magnificent idea, this celebration of the grittiest and most laser-armed QB of all time. I, for one, am in full support and will arrive at any bar celebrating this day with the intention of staying for seven hours. Viva Elway!

Lee Miller said...

I'd like to give the "Elway day" idea an official Mile High Salute, and will be passing this delicious nugget of info to as many people as I possibly can. God bless Colorado Homers god bless Matt Allinson, and most importantly, god bless John Elway!!!

JT said...

The movement begins.... Pass the link onto everyone you can think of. I have visions of an entire city sitting in outside bars mid-day, drinking happily in their #7 jerseys and re-telling stories of his magnificent feats....


Rikyrat said...

I congratulate Matt for planting the seed and I give props to JT for passing the word so eloquently. "The Man" (John Elway) has given us so much yet he just continues to give and give. Is there no end to this mans amazing talents. A "Dancing with the Stars" championship is only a two-step tango away for John "The Man" Elway. It doesn't matter how many times he has been honored in the past. It is obvious that 07/07/07 should be dedicated to this magnificent pile of DNA. John - we salute you!!!!