Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Nuggets Free-Agent Plans; More than just resigning Anthony Carter.... right??

The free-agency signing period starts tomorrow, and the Nuggets aren't exactly making a lot of noise. We drastically need PG help, and we were targeting Chris Duhon, but unfortunately it looks like Duhon decided he'd rather sign up with the Knicks than come to Denver (kind of a crushing blow to the ego there. One team has Anthony Carter starting at PG, the other has about 17 PG's on the roster and he goes with the Knicks?)

So now what do the Nuggets do?

In my opinion, our biggest weakness has been poor point guard play over the past couple of seasons. I know most people say it's defense, but as Paul Pierce and Ray Allen showed us this past season, defense is more of a mindset. Where-as having a legitimate point guard has proven to be vital to a team's success. Allen Iverson's not a true point, and Anthony Carter is a nice player, but he should never be seeing much playing time with a playoff caliber team. With that in mind what do the Nuggets do to help remedy this problem?

Do we bring back Earl Boykins? Take a chance on someone like Sebastian Telfair or Shaun Livingston? (Quick side note; could you imagine adding Sebastian Telfair to this current group of Nuggets? That would be like throwing Brandon Marshall onto the Cincinnati Bengals, only if Marshall couldn't catch and was terrible at football). Livingston might be worth a shot, but the Nuggs are a little strapped for cash... like negative $21 million strapped, so he'll most likely be out of their price range.

They could sign someone like Lindsey Hunter, Dan Dickau, Tyronn Lue, or Carlos Arroyo to a mid-level exception. But none of them are really much of a step up from Anthony Carter.

So I've come up with three solutions. One a bit more intricate than the other two.

Here they are:

Option 1- We trade Marcus Camby and Charlotte's future 1st round pick to the Bulls for Kirk Hinrich. Their salaries match up perfectly, the Nuggets get a much needed PG who can shoot, and the Bulls get a potential lottery pick and a 1st Team All-Defense big man who's salary comes off the books in two years. Then the Nuggets sign my boy David Harrison for the league minimum, and they sign James Posey as their mid-level exemption. Now we've got Hinrich and AI in the backcourt, with Melo and K-Mart up front and Nene holding down the middle. Off the bench we've got JR, Posey, David Harrison, Najera and Kleiza. That's a lineup you can win a playoff series with.

Option 2- We sign White Chocolate as our mid-level exemption. That's right. Tell me you wouldn't want to see Jason Williams leading the Nuggets fast break? He'd be the old White Chocolate from the Sacramento Kings days all over again. Just watch these highlights and tell me you wouldn't pay a lot of money to watch him play for the Nuggets....

Option 3- We stand pat. We scrape our way into the playoffs the next couple of seasons and let all of our big contracts run out. Iverson comes off the books next year, and Camby and K-Mart's contracts are gone in 2010. That would leave us over $20 million in cap space to sign Lebron in the summer of '10. Then Melo and Lebron could finally join forces like Voltron and dominate the NBA for years. They've always been boys, so I'm sure Melo could lure Lebron away from the Brooklyn Nets. Hell, you could put me, Paul Shirley and a retarded monkey on a team with those two and we'd win.

Seriously though, there aren't a lot of options for the Nuggets. They have their mid-level exemption and I really hope they can sign Posey with it. As badly as we need a PG, we can get by with Iverson and Anthony Carter. Posey is a winner who can lock people down on defense, and despite his limits offensively he can hit an open three. And with Melo and AI on his team he'd get plenty of open looks after double teams. So basically he's just like Yakhouba Diawara, if Khoubs could shoot, defend someone, and win.

I also like the idea of signing David Harrison. I'm not just saying that because David's like a little brother to me either. David's a defensive minded player who's huge and athletic. He can block shots, rebound, and is a true low-post player. Plus this is probably his last shot in the NBA. So he knows he can't make anymore mistakes and has to prove what kind of player he is. If we can get a guy like that for the league minimum, we should jump all over it.

Plus maybe David could get me some sweet tickets....