Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Greatest SportsCenter Commercials is currently running a poll for the greatest SportCenter commercial of all-time. There are definitely some funny ones on there, and it is worth a browse.

However, in my opinion, they left off the two greatest SportsCenter commercials ever created. And thanks to the magic of the Youtubes.... I have found them.

#2:   The Big Buddy Commercial:

What I love about this clip.....

- The NBA ballers playing with them, Sam Cassell (alien invading our planet), and big Jason Williams (shot his limo driver in the chest with a shotgun)... exactly the "heroes" whom every kid dreams of playing some hoops with.

- That kid taking it soft to the hole against Stu Scott. Bring it hard or don't bring it at all junior! The paint ain't for pussies!

- The sheer shooter's mentality shown by Mayne and Scott, they always want the shot.

- Kenny Mayne's unparalleled lockdown D. Word is that Bruce Bowen saw this commercial and it completely changed his life, as he would later model his entire defensive philosophy after Mayne's performance.

#1:   The Gheorghe Muresan Dance Commercial:

What I love about this.....

- The tape cassette beatbox playing the theme music. I think I had that same one back in HS.

- It is easily the greatest thing ESPN has ever contributed to Americana.

- How Ravich, Mayne and Muresan made white people across the world feel better about their own ability to dance after watching this.

- How this proves that a giant man and a tiny man, dancing side by side, will always be funny.

- How Kenny Mayne (like myself) is not a man who is able to turn down an opportunity to get busy to a funky beat.


Commish CH said...

there's some site out there with them all together,

love the Gheorge one.

I thought the one of Antwan Jamison laughing the whole 30 seconds about Trey Wingo's name was a classic.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Kenny Mayne