Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random Thoughts....

It's been a few weeks since we've posted an update here at Homers. Just some quick thoughts, and I'll have CU update up later.....

- I'm still reeling from the revelation that one of the greatest pitchers in MLB history was using steroids. Sure, we all suspected guys like Bonds and Benito Santiago of getting a little help from the juice, but now we find out that Denny Neagle was using???? Consider my world rocked.

Just so you know, I judge the greatness of a pitcher solely on their salary and shockingly poor taste in prostitutes.

- Todd "Fat Arms" Sauerbrun was released by the Broncos yesterday. As he was leaving Dove Valley he could be heard screaming from his car "God damn you Devin Hester!!!!"

Here's an interesting sidenote; Sauerbrun, Pacman Jones, and Chris Henry all attended West Virginia University. Yet Sauerbrun is the only one of them to be kicked off of three NFL teams.

Don't worry about Sauerbrun though, I'm sure he'll get another shot somewhere. And if he doesn't, he's still got his huge biceps, rad Oakley shades, and a kick-ass tribal band tattoo going for him. So he'll have absolutely no problem getting laid in New Jersey.

- The Broncos only ended up with one player (Champ Bailey) making the Pro Bowl. That number seems about right. I think Brandon Marshall was close to a Pro Bowl level this year, but he's not going to make it in the AFC. Same with Jay Cutler. I don't think Cutler was on that level this year, but he will always have a tough time getting in. We're talking about a conference that includes Brady, Manning, Roethlisburger, Palmer, AND Kyle Boller. And they only take three.

Seriously can you even make a case for another Broncos player to be in the Pro Bowl? Nalen missed most of the season, there is no way you can reward a guy like DJ Williams when our run D was so pathetic. Dre Bly was decent, but not great. The ONLY player who might have a complaint is Elvis Dumervil. I mean, he does have 11 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and an interception even though most NFL scouts consider him a midget. Not bad stats for a little person. With Elvis' freakishly long arms, I wonder if he'd be good at dwarf throwing? Or basketball....

- I think the biggest Pro Bowl snub would have to be Mario Williams. The guy does lead the AFC in sacks and he did single handedly destroy the Broncos O-Line last Thursday. I think that voters weren't quite ready to admit that they were wrong about him when he was drafted, I can't think of any other reason why he shouldn't be in.

I'm sure all the chowds feel like their Caucasian sensation Wes Welker was snubbed. But that's just their closet racism talking.

Just kidding, i'm sure they're not all racist. Afterall, New Edition is from Boston.

- Nene has been given clearance to start full practices on Friday. Hopefully, since he was only out with a thumb injury, he was able to stay somewhat in good shape. Given Nene's history this isn't a likely scenario. I'm a little worried he might come back looking like Tony Soprano in the final season.

We also should have Chucky Atkins back soon. They are projecting his return sometime shortly after Christmas. So in the next week we could finally see the Nuggets at full strength for the first time this year. Well, we still won't have Steven Hunter for another six weeks, but we'll be healthier than we've been all year. If Chucky can play even remotely close to the level he was at during the final few weeks of last season, we should be pretty damn tough to beat.

In other Nugget related news. DerMarr Johnson was back in town this week playing with the Austin Toros of the D-League against our very own Colorado 14ers! The Teeners and Toros squared off back to back nights, with our boys sweeping both games. DJ looked pretty good, getting 16 points each night. You know, I always liked DerMarr. And unlike most of the squares in this town, I didn't give a damn how ridiculously he spelled his first name. I looked past his name, to the player that never lived up to his potential. Also, the name is not that strange. I believe the German translation of DerMarr is "that goop" or "the goop", depending on the context.


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