Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nebraska Sucks

Two days before the big game and I don't have much pre-game analysis outside of that.

Nebraska sucks, I hate them.

I was thinking of writing something about the keys to the game. How we needed to establish the run and push the pink shirts around, get pressure on Joe Ganz and force him to make mistakes, how we need Kevin Eberhart to not miss a field goal inside 40 yards....

But none of it matters.

The only thing that matters is that I hate Nebraska. And hopefully all of our players share my sentiments.

Really that's what this game comes down to. The players have been flat the last few weeks. Maybe the Freshman have hit a wall. Playing in the Big 12 can take a lot out of an 18 year old kid. But this is what they signed up for, and it's time for them to suck it up for one last game and play up to their potential.

And for the Seniors, it's a chance to be redeemed for all of the shit they've had to endure during their time at CU. From the rape accusations, to Barnett's messy departure, to last season's shocking display of suckery.... they now have a shot at being the class that started to turn the program, that first team that got us back on track.

They all have a lot to play for on Friday.

We have a chance to finish the season .500 and be bowl eligible.

We have a chance to knock Nebraska out of a possible bowl bid for only the 2nd time in nearly 40 years, and have them finish at the bottom of the Big 12 North.

We have a chance to both embarrass the Bugeaters and salvage this once promising season.

Looking back, at the beginning of the year I probably could have lived with a 5-7 season after last year's disaster. But not anymore. Not after the wins against Oklahoma, and on the road at Texas Tech. After a 4-2 start and a win over a top 5 team, this is a team that is good enough to be in a Bowl game. Anything less will be a disappointment.

That said, I'll be there in Folsom Field on Friday morning.... freezing my balls off, drinking until I puke, and screaming until I'm horse.

Here are some videos to get you fired up for the game:

This may be my earliest Buff memory:

And we can't have the CU vs. Nebraska game without reliving 62-36, the game that killed a program:



Hallux Valgus said...


We just dumped another Nebraska coach. Eat it, bitches!!!!

Jonnyboy said...
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Jonnyboy said...

Please tell me you all saw this..this plus the hurtin the buffs put up on the Bugeaters just made my weekend