Tuesday, October 2, 2007


There are quite a few theories out there about the turnaround taking place with the football program up in Boulder. Some people think that Coach Hawkins has infused his players with his will to win. Others think that the outstanding play of our young freshman, and their continuous development is the reason. Some think that it is due to our staunch defense and their ability to shut down some of the most high powered offenses in the nation.

But they're all wrong.

It's because of me.

In an unprecedented stroke of fan genius, I made a switch two weeks ago that has turned the tables of fortune for our beloved Buffs, and shocked an entire nation in the process.

You see, for the past few years I have worn the same type of gear to basically every Buff football game. I'd either wear a white CU golf shirt, or maybe the occasional yellow Buff T. As we all know, this gear combo has not worked well for the mighty Buffaloes during this time stretch.

So when heading up to the Miami (OH) game two weekends ago I had an epiphany. I was going to change things up for the Buffs for good with just a simple audible in game gear. Here's what I wore that fateful September day:

On the way to Boulder with longtime Homer Wade, I told him of my plan. I informed him that I was taking things up a notch, that I would no longer sit idly by watching our Buffs lose while I did nothing to help institute change. It was time to be pro-active.... I was wearing a new t-shirt. Wade simply nodded, looked my shirt up and down and stated, "we're ready."

He then sniffed the autumn sky and said, "there's a change in the air."

Wade is a very wise man.

That day things just clicked for the Buffs. For the first time in years, we thoroughly dominated an opponent, racking up 634 yards of total offense while shutting out the Red Hawks and holding them only 139 yards during the game. Granted, the "Red Hawks" sound like the name of a Pee Wee league football team, and maybe that day they were, but the Buffs had dominated an opponent and the only thing that had changed, that I could tell, was my choice of game day garb.

Then this Saturday arrived, #3 ranked Oklahoma was coming to town and I knew I had to pull out all stops in order to keep this crazy stroke of genius going. I woke up early and made sure my Colo"rad"o shirt was freshly cleaned. It was. I had thrown it in a pile on the ground the night before, so it was pretty wrinkled, but I wasn't worried. This is no ordinary shirt.... it's pure cotton. 100%. And not that wuss cotton gently weaved by the hands of tiny Korean children, but pure 100% American cotton... made in America. Colorado is in America. This shirt is Colorado.

I give this newfound harbourer of change a once-over, then I pull the shirt on and head out to watch the game. I'm watching this one with my family, nearly all of whom are Oklahoma graduates. Needless to say, none of them are intelligent and they cheat constantly at everything.... but that's neither here nor there.

Shortly after halftime, with our Buffs down 24-7 and seemingly headed for yet another embarrassing loss to a top 5 team, I took a good look at my t-shirt and said to it, "come on shirt! Do you really put the "rad" in Colorado? Or is that all just a bunch of talk??"

The response was immediate. The Buffs started to completely decimate the Sooners. Running the ball at will, getting key 3rd and 4th down conversions, forcing turnovers, and pulling off the upset.

After the game I could be seen running throughout my mother's house, yelling to all who listened that I knew I could do it. I knew I could find the lucky shirt to turn the Buffs fortunes around.

Needless to say I've found my new game day shirt. And it makes everything "rad".

I still haven't heard from Coach Hawkins though. I was expecting a thank you call or something. Maybe he's not getting cell service right now.

Go Buffs!


Hallux Valgus said...

that's an excellent shirt. I, too, made a shirt change. I've made a habit of wearing my 1990 National Champions tee shirt, but it hasn't been doing the job. It started out strong, but it's out of mojo. I need to not wash it for a few months, I think.

I also own the least lucky replica jersey ever- the Ochs #1. With me in attendance, it was responsible for the Fresno State game. I'm convinced the Ochs turned Barnett retarded. Then I wore it for the USC game, and we all remember that evisceration. That was the end of the Ochs. But this week, needing a change (and it being far too hot for the CU hockey sweater), I held a ceremony, rechristening the Ochs as a Ben Kelly jersey, since it has no name, and Kelly was there during the same jersey era. Lo and behold- we win! Ben Kelly is looking over us....

...or so I thought. I'm somewhat a frowny emoticon right now, because I now know that it's because of the Colo"rad"o. I'm just glad someone- ANYONE- found the answer. Godspeed, good Colo"rad"o shirt. Godspeed indeed. We follow you through the Big XII. I wish the Hawk blog had a comment section, so I could let him know where the answer lies.