Monday, September 17, 2007

An Awesome Broncos Preview

I don't know what to make of our beloved Donks right now. They seem dominant, but then leave us screaming at the TV at the end of every game as we pull a win out of our ass. It has been completely frustrating. So what's the problem? I don't know. But here's what we do know about the team so far after 2 weeks:

- #1 ranked offense in NFL.
- #3 ranked defense in NFL.
- Travis Henry leads the league in rushing yards (and bastard sons) but has 0 TD's.
- Jay Cutler is 4th in the NFL in passing yards.
- Javon Walker is 6th in the NFL in recieving yards but has 0 TD's.
- Only 3 total TD's in first 2 games.
- Jason Elam has missed 3 FG's in the first two games (although he's made the game winner in both too, so I guess we can cut him some slack.)

So basically once again we are great between the 20's, and suck in the red zone.... again

I don't think we have too much to worry about though. With our offense virtually unstoppable and the ability to completely shut down our opponents passing attack, I have a good feeling about this team.

Right now it seems like we are still trying to get used to some of the new personnel and how to use them the right way. I'd like to see some looks to Dan Graham in the red zone, and if we are going to throw the fade, we should probably throw it to our 6'4" guy against a 5'10" guy... not to Javon who's got someone equal in size on him. On defense the linebackers are still adapting to their new positions, and our extremely young D-line looks like it's improving daily.

So here's my gameplan for this weekends matchup against Jacksonville:

Do the exact same thing, only score touchdowns.

With this sort of intricate and highly imaginative mental prowess the Broncos will be able to vanquish all foes.....

On another note, has anyone out there seen what Adam Morrison looks like right now? It kinda looks like he combined all of Jake Plummer's greatest haircuts into one stunningly awesome look. Check it out:

One part:

and one part:


Thanks to my boy DJ for emailing me that picture all the way from a city called Nancy, France. Keep wearing those capri's buddy... and try not to catch any "gay" while you're living there.