Thursday, July 5, 2007

With Just 2 Days 'till Elway Day, Some John Elway Facts

Elway Day is rapidly approaching, and the local CO Blogiverse has shown great support for the cause. Make sure you check them all out:
Orange Bucksnorts
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Slushy Gutter Summer
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Thanks for the love fellas and keep up the good work.

We also recieved an email from earlier today letting us know that John Elway bested the likes of lesser #7's in history (such as Mickey Mantle, David Beckham, Kevin Johnson, Craig Morton, and Andrea Bargnani) to be declared the greatest #7 in the history of sport. We at Colorado Homers couldn't agree more. In fact, I personally believe he should be the greatest #6 and #8 of all time also. Through simple osmosis, his number probably infected those two with his greatness.

Speaking of his greatness, here are 7 John Elway facts I came up with to help celebrate John Elway Day:

1.) Pluto was recently declassified as a planet when it was discovered to be a football thrown by John Elway.

2.) John Elway did build Rome in a Day. He only did this so he could destroy it later that night with a perfectly thrown spiral.

3.) It is a widely known fact that John Elway had his left ACL removed in high school. It is a lesser known fact that this ACL was used to form the first bullet proof vest.

4.) The first sonic boom in recorded history was the result of a 10 yard out thrown by John Elway.

5.) Once a reporter asked John Elway to throw a football as far as he possibly could, that throw is now known as the Hale-Bopp Comet.

6.) The fastest recorded pitch in major league baseball history was, strangely enough, a John Elway thrown football.

7.) The explosion at Chernobyl was not an accident, it was actually caused by an errant John Elway throw. Of course, John Elway has never had an "errant throw", so the lesson here is that Russia shouldn't have been talking shit.

I'm sure some of you out there can come up with some good ones too, so feel free to fire them up in the comments.

Also, a couple of other Broncos made the list. Shannon Sharpe was the greatest #84 of all time and Neil Smith the greatest #90.

Here are some promotions updates for John Elway Day:

- Fox & Hound on Bowles:

Everyone wearing a Broncos jersey on Saturday will get free pool until 5:00PM

After 5:00pm you can get half off pool and half off the cover for the UFC fight.

If you have any questions you can call 720-922-0400 and ask for Tiffany. Click here for directions.

- Timeless Sports at the Flatirons Mall in Broomfield:

They will be offering all John Elway items autographed and non-Autographed that day at 21% off (7+7+7 = 21%).

For more information you can contact them by phone at (303) 410-0068, or by email

We should hopefully be getting a few more drinking spots on the list before Saturday, so I'll be updating this as they come in.


Matt said...

I've attempted to alert Elway's Steakhouse about this magical day. Hopefully they will offer a free appetizer or dessert (or HJ). If not, the surlier of you fans should wear your jerseys down there and demand it. And much respect to the Colorado Homers for their dedication, love and appreciation of The Bionic One. I bet John Elway could throw a football over them mountains (Matt points west).

Flip Washington said...

How'd it all shake out? I was at a wake, but am proud to say that one gentleman in attendance wore his Elway jersey and delivered an eloquent toast at exactly 7:07PM. What did we toast with? Seven and 7's. What the fuck did you think we'd be drinkin'?

Anonymous said...

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