Monday, July 9, 2007

July Quick Hits

Well, we've nearly endured the worst 3 days in sports for 2007, so I thought I'd throw some links out there to keep you busy. Since there hasn't been any meaningful sports played since before the All-Star break. I guess the Tour de France is on, and there is NBA summer league, but w/ a foreigner leading the Tour and a ridiculous amount of fouls encouraged in summer league, are those sports really that watchable right now?

Please let Brittany Spears into CU this year!

Here's a little something for that person who has just about everything. Who can resist a bobblehead of themselves? That's right NOBODY.

Neil Woelk turns in a great column on CU's rules infractions. Some great research and perspectives included. Karen Morrison -- Oklahoma grad, attorney, kinesiology instructor, CU women's hoops assistant coach, compliance coordinator, CU associate athletic director and now NCAA flunkie. Na, attention to compliance really didn't seem to be her strength did it? NCAA must not really care whether you do your job or not? Hmm, think the website is if you're lookin' to randomly create and enforce dumb rules. I think you'd have to live in Kansas or Missouri to work for the NCAA, so that's probably not all that appealing.

10 fouls? How long has that been a summer league rule? 10? Really? Did this go into effect this season? I've never heard that, nor do I like it. Why would the NBA encourage fouls in this way? The last few years players committing hard fouls have been punished unfairly. It seems like 5-6 fouls is plenty, especially if they are trying to protect their players. 10 fouls is stupid. You can get your point across with one foul.

At least that's how Stewie and I see it!

Greg Oden is out of the NBA Summer League 2007 w/ tonsils.

Fantasy Football is right around the corner. Check out Peter King's QB ratings. Jay Cutler is in a pretty nice spot at #10. Here's a Top 200 players list already.

Here's hoping to get through tomorrows sports drought!