Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gotta Have More Skeeta

Have you ever dated a really hot girl? Someone who had all the potential to be the girl of your dreams, but when you finally get to know her you realize she has one or more fatal flaws? You know, it turns out she's been in prison, she has restraining orders from three different dudes, she was once a man, or it turns out she has herpes.

But damn does she look good on paper. And you can't help but think, "maybe she's changed" as you answer a late night call from her yet again....

This is pretty much the Denver Nuggets / Nikoloz Tskitishvili relationship.

You see, back in 2002 at pre-draft workouts, Skeeta was the hot girl of the Nuggets dreams. Everything about him looked good. So good that we used the 5th pick in the 2002 draft to lock him down.

Then we started to get to know him better and his fatal flaws started to show.

- Fatal Flaw #1 - Unable to shoot basketball through hoop.

This is a desirable trait in a relationship between an NBA team and one of it's paid professional players. It is a crucial component of winning basketball.... unless you play on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- Fatal Flaw #2 - He's a total pussy.

Most likely this flaw fueled fatal flaw #1. I've never seen a man more afraid in my life than the first time I saw Skeeta step onto the court in a real NBA game. The only man I can think of that I've ever seen who may have looked more scared than Skeeta that day, was Bill Paxton in Aliens.

- Fatal Flaw #3
- He wasn't actually good at basketball.

The ultimate flaw to Skeeta is that he just isn't good at basketball. From everything I ever heard about him, he was what my old Coach Ricardo Patton used to call "Practice Team All-Americans". I bet Skeeta looked great in individual workouts, and in pickup games. But as soon as you put someone on him in a real situation, he'd crumble.

You may be wondering why the hell I'm bringing up old baggage again. Well, the Nuggs announced their summer league roster on Tuesday, and one Nikoloz Tskitishvili is back in baby blue.

So despite all that we already know about Skeeta, we decided to give him one more shot. Why would we do this? The guy is one of the biggest busts of all time. He couldn't improve while playing on Steve Nash's team and everyone improves when the play with Nash. There's even a picture of someone else on his player page!. Why are we bringing him back?

Because he's still that hot chick to the Nuggets. They still see him as that workout wonder that they first saw back in 2002, and they say to themselves, "if we can just teach him to be able to make baskets, not be a pussy, and learn to play basketball, he'll be the player of our dreams." Either that or they are determined to show the world some glimpse of what they thought they saw during those workouts. Something to prove that they aren't the Tyrone Bigsby of talent evaluation in the NBA.

Not gonna happen. Like everything else involving the trainwreck that has been Tskitishvili's NBA career, I predict that this one won't end well.

At least we get to say "Skeeta" for the next month or so though. At least that's something.

Another interesting player on the roster is NBA super vet Lamond Murray. I'd describe him as a slightly taller Voshon Lenard. I'm not sure if he can achieve lateral movement any longer, but Murray can shoot the rock which is something the Nuggets have been lacking for the past few seasons.