Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A few rants

Just a few thoughts before I head out to that big, beautiful, blonde haired, fake-breasted capital of the world Los Angeles for the rest of the week.....

- Is it too early to call the season?

I know that Brainz won't be too excited about me saying this, but I feel pretty confident that we can eliminate the Rockies from the playoffs now. Some might say it's too early to make that call, but I give you the evidence of recent play to back my opinion, and I'm not sure which of these is worse:

- On Sunday the Rox were bested by the San Francisco Giants in a tightly fought match by the trifle score of 15-2.... at home. They managed to allow every player in the Giants nine to get a hit, including the pitcher. Four players had 3 or more hits, six had at least two, and the topper was a young lad by the name of Fred Lewis who managed five hits and hit for the cycle in just his 16th major league game. The player of the game for the Rox had to be reliever Denny Bautista who gave up 6 runs and 7 hits in just 1/3 of an inning.

- Yesterday (at home again) our Purple Cladded Warriors managed a lonely one hit in six innings against The Big Johnson. They ended the game with 3 hits and 0 runs for another embarrassing loss.

So here is my question; When are we going to give up on the humidor? Now, I have never been accused of being a baseball purist by any means, but I miss the games when we used to win, or lose, by scores of 17-13. The games when you would see nine home runs per game, back when we had the Blake Street Bombers out there going for 40 HR's each per season. Sure, we would get made fun of for our poor pitching, and people would claim that the altitude helped us hit homeruns, but who cared? It was entertaining, and we actually finished over .500 three straight seasons back then. We were even the "Wild Card Champions" once, there used to be a banner on the wall and everything. I can barely remember what it felt like to win, it was so long ago. But back then we had an identity. Now, we are the just the same, if not worse, than the majority of the rest of the league, and no one talks about us anymore. You know what? If the Rockies were a Hollywood starlet, they would be Mena Suvari. Some people think she's hot, others don't, but most just forget she's alive.

- Artest to the Nuggets?

I've been hearing this rumor floating around lately and I'm not really a big fan of it. I'm not sure how much validity there is to this thing, but here are my reasons for taking a pass on it:

1.) It doesn't actually seem possible to do without including Marcus Camby. Artest is scheduled to make $15 million over the next two seasons. Since we are already above the luxury tax threshold we would have to give up someone with more salary than Artest to make it happen. I doubt the Kings would take K-Mart, so we'd have to give up Camby. That's a pretty big step down for us. We could try to get their first round pick also (a top 10 pick) but none of this addresses our most pressing need, a shooter.

2.) Putting Artest, Melo, JR, and K-Mart on the same team is a ticking time bomb. I imagine Nuggets games would resemble the first half of the Gaurds vs. Convicts game on The Longest Yard. Speaking of that movie, here's a little fun Colorado fact. Former Buff WR Darrin Chiaverini played for the Guards in the film.

3.) Artest is a team cancer on a level that T.O. could only dream of. How many teams can one man absolutely destroy? The Pacers were a favorite to win the East when he started the Palace Brawl. The Kings were a perennial playoff team in the West until he arrived on the scene. Now we are (allegedly) considering bringing him to the Nuggets. No thanks Ronnie.

- Camby to play for Team USA?

It appears that an invitation has been offered to Marcus Camby to play for Team USA this summer and in the 2008 Olympics. My first thought on hearing this was that it was pretty cool that two Denver Nuggets could be playing for Team USA this summer, then I thought it was pretty depressing that we couldn't get out of the first round with two members of the Olympic team on our roster. Then I thought this is one of the most insanely idiotic ideas Camby could have. We celebrated this season that he managed to play 70 games. He's played 60 or more games in only 6 of his 11 seasons in the league. We need him to rest his body for next year. That said, the international game isn't as physical as the NBA, and he could be a good fit for the international style of play for big men. I guess I'm saying it would be a good thing for both Team USA and us Nuggets fans for him to play, as long as it's not at the expense of his health next season.

I'm out like Amaechi sports fans.... I'll try to update from LA later this week.


Commish CH said...

great point on MC on team USA, I worry about Melo and the same thing. It also worries me that Team USA is already getting into the 2nd Level of US NBAers. What happenned to Colangelo's and Coach K's plan of the same team for 3+ years?