Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Broncos WR Core is Wilin' Out

Et tu Kircus??

What are they putting in the Vitamin Water in Dove Valley this summer? First Brandon Marshall and now this? Who would have thought that David Kircus could be the first Broncos player to fall victim to the new league discipline problem.

It wouldn't really be news to hear that the guy who makes your sandwiches at Subway was arrested for assault last weekend (If you remember, that's what Kircus was doing this time last year). But now that he's made the jump from making your Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sub to making catches on Sunday's for our beloved Donks, he's going to have to refrain from busting up the facial bones of party hosts if he wants to keep his current job.

It remains to be seen what actually happened and if he will be removed from the team by Shannahan, although he seemed to break it down with relative clarity,

"Obviously, if he didn't handle himself the right way, he won't be with us," declared our fearless rodent faced leader.

In Brandon Marshall's case, it looks like it was blown out of proportion. Especially since he has been running with the first team offense in drills and Shannahan seems to feel comfortable with his actions. Kircus could be in for some more serious troubles though. It appears that he actually broke some bones in the dudes face, but not much info has actually been released.

Hopefully it turns out for the best for Kircus. He had a great pre-season last year, made some plays for us during the season, and was a genuinely inspirational story. Plus, given our lack of depth at WR right now, we could definitely use him back in the lineup. If you back out Rod Smith with his injuries and Kircus from the lineup, our remaining competition for the #4 WR spot (Quincy Morgan / David Terrell / Brian Clark) combined for the exact same number of receptions that I had in the NFL last year.