Thursday, May 10, 2007

Colorado Dominates All NBA 3rd Team

The All-NBA teams were announced today and Colorado was all over the 3rd team. The Nuggets Carmelo Anthony was selected a 3rd teamer for the second straight season and Denver native and former Colorado Buffalo Chauncey Billups was named to the 3rd team as well, thus making the 3rd Team the coolest team in the NBA.

The first team consisted of Steve Nash and Amare Stoudamire from the Suns, Kobe, Dirk and Tim Duncan. Boring.

The Second Team includes Lebron, Gilbert Arenas, Chris Bosh, Tracy McGrady and Yao. Better, but still kind of lame.

Joining Melo and Billups on the Third Team are Kevin Garnett, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard. I don't know about the last three, but the first two kick serious ass.

Despite the awesomeness of the third team, I've got some beef with a couple of these selections.

First of all, Amare's a first teamer? Especially over Yao at center? I just don't see it. Yao averaged 25 points to Amare's 20.4, he averaged 9.4 rebounds to Amare's 9.6, and averaged 2.0 blocks to Amare's 1.3, and Yao has about 950 million more fans than Amare. Yao definitely should have been a first teamer and Amare second, I just think that people are probably making a big deal about Amare coming back from micro-fracture surgery, which is a great accomplishment for sure. But now we have run the risk of pissing off over 1 billion Chinese people. If there is ever a WWIII, and we are fighting against China, I believe we will look back on this day with great regret my friends.... great regret indeed.

Carmelo should have been a second teamer over Bosh. I understand that Bosh plays for the Raptors and they were the big surprise team this year, and I also understand that Melo was probably penalized for the suspension. But all of Melo's numbers went up this year compared to last year (when he was also a 3rd team selection), and Bosh's numbers all stayed the same outside of rebounding (when he was not selected to any team). And if you want to argue that Melo didn't play enough games, Melo played 65 games this year, Bosh..... 69. Not really a difference there. I think David Stern has some sort of law issued right now which says that until Melo can stay out of trouble for an entire season, he is not allowed higher than 3rd team status. Plus, when Bosh runs he reminds me of the velociraptors on Jurassic Park for some reason, and I just can't see a velociraptor being a better basketball player than Carmelo Anthony.

I agree with Lebron being on the 2nd team though, and am a little surprised that D-Wade made a team. Not that D-Wade isn't worthy of a spot, it's just that he missed nearly half the season with his shoulder injury. Lebron took a big step back this season and it's becoming pretty obvious, judging by his play in the playoffs, that he coasted during the regular season.

So who would I pick for my team you ask? Well it won't be my first time selecting All-NBA teams. I selected an All Ugly Team in '05, and a Most Awesome Hair Team in '06.

Here is my Colorado Homer All NBA Team for the '06/'07 season:

G- Allen Iverson
G- Chauncey Billups
C- David Harrison
F- Carmelo Anthony
F- Marcus Camby

What did you expect? It's a Homer team.


Commish CH said...

what no Pat Garrity? He did average 2.2 points a game!

Hallux Valgus said...

Can Michael Ruffin be the official be the official ebony/ ivory last guys off the bench?

JT said...

Ruffin and Garrity are definitely second teamers. So is Eddie Gill, Rodney White (if he comes back from overseas) and Louis Amundson. Griffin was actually a first teamer until he noodle armed that ball attempting to run the clock out against the Raptors.

Rickey Henderson said...

The NBA scares and confuses Rickey.