Thursday, May 10, 2007

You Know It's Amazing...2

Welcome back to the second edition of You Know It's Amazing! It has been awhile but I guess that's what a busy family and work life will get ya... I've caught bits and pieces of things in the sport world and here's what I have to say about that.

I'm now fully convinced that the Nuggets point shaved in that game against the Kings. I mean seriously, they still won the game but just didn't cover. The Maloofs musta had some coin on that game to pay for the buy-out of Mussleman's contract at season's end. I haven't investigated any other Kings games to see if any other games are suspicious but I'm sure this is what happened at the end of the season.

The Nuggets season is officially over and so we're gonna change up the look of the site now to a more festive Rockies sorta theme. Besides, anybody watching the Jazz - Warriors series must be aware that the freaking Jazz are trying to rip off the Nuggets light blue luster. And then they go the extra mile and use 'UJ' as their logo? That really bothers me, they've got purple, green and yellow to work with and yet they go and paint everything light blue and have the fans wear light blue t-shirts? I've seen the NBA fine teams for much less.

Oh, what's that? The Rockies are in last place in the West and the bullpen blew another game... If online betting were legal I'd have taken that under on the 76 total wins for Colorado's major league team.

Just watching the Jazz vs. Heat game and though I really want GSW to win the series, I know that they can't. They have better and more athletic talent, but they are just not disciplined and can't hit free throws. Plus, D-Fisch is a playoff gamer, Sloan gets way more out of his players, B-Diddy's back is extremely tired from carrying GSW this far, the officials are letting Boozer maul whomever is in the paint, and GSW just gives up too many easy baskets. The degree of difficulty for GSW shots is twice as high as that of the Jazz. Though the games in Utah were way closer than I thought they would be, I gotta go w/ the Jazz in 5.

Tried Dill Pickle sunflower seeds today, and you know what? Dill Pickle sunflower seeds are what we thought they were.
They're what we thought they were! And that's why I bought them! Everybody's seen them. I've seen them on the shelf for about 3 weeks, and that's why I finally bought them! And we let them off the hook! If you wanna crown 'em, then crown their ass! But they are what we thought they were! Exactly what I thought they were. So what if I ate the whole bag! So what! Can't get enough Dennis Green?

Played a little golf last weekend. And I'll provide my review of Murphy Creek right here. Enjoyed playing the course. It was early and wet when I played and even though those are my two least favorite conditions to play under, I had a great time. The course is 6878 yds. long from the blue tees, and there are plenty of bunkers where you'd like to hit your tee shots. Turns out wet sand isn't that enjoyable to hit out of. Walks from the green to the next tee were at times a bit long but maybe that is because my shoes and bottom of my pants were wet from chasing my erratic drives and golf ball hunting excursions. There is some water on the course, and you can get into trouble by hitting into it. But I was able to scramble out of trouble on the front 9 to score alright. The back 9 was a different story as the course wore me out, and I put up a snowman or two. My favorite part of Murphy Creek was the condition of the greens, or maybe I'm just saying that because I putted really well. At one point I even got a little cocky and backed it up w/ a 30 footer for par. Right before putting I told my buddy "Go ahead and pull the pin, I'm gonna run this one in anyhow." But like the song says They say I'm cocky, and I say What? It aint braggin' mothaf*%$@ if ya back it up! At Jewel and C-470 the course is a ways out there, but worth checking out. It was $40 for 18 holes if you walk the course. The beverage girl doesn't show up until around 9:30 for you thirsty golfers.


Nels Bells said...

That course is a tough walk, i'm impressed.

Forty Deuce said...

Yes, I found out it is tough to walk. Especially when it's wet, you have way too many clubs in your bag, and you find about 20 golf balls on the way to yours in the wilderness grass. Is that what you call it? Not outta bounds but they sure don't mow in there!

Nels Bells said...

That crap is fescue grass, they claim that it's "natural" but that's a load, just a reason to get more range balls and not mow.

Forty Deuce said...

I hear that. Might have to play my first few rounds of the season on courses like Overland and Meadow Hills. Where they mow them more like parks! Then try out some of those w/ fescue grass when I can have some idea where my drive is going... Ever play Deer Creek? Thought that course was really nice, but thought it was too tight. Lost more golf balls there than any other course I've played. If I play there again I'm leavin' the driver in the car.