Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The State of the Rockies #3...and Random Notes

Hi Friends,

Some Random thoughts while punching myself in the face after the Nuggets loss in Game 4 tonight...

First off, I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on this, but I can tell you how I feel has a major homer Nuggets fan tonight. The Spurs and their little act are tired. I know, we can't beat them and they're so superior and they prove every night what it's like to be a champion. Bull shit. They're a bunch of whiny bitches and I'm sick of Robert Horry making big shots and I'm tired of every player on the Spurs. So there.

Real-life exchange of Text Messages this evening:

Brainz to JT: Fuck!

JT to Brainz: Horry will die from Syphilis. I hate all the Spurs.

Second, I can't take much more heart break right now as a sports fan. I keep trying to tell myself that the Bronco's off-season has been a huge success...and that's about it. Just for the pleasure of the reading audience, in addition to my heart and soul being at stake every evening that the Rox take the hill, I also have a few hundred dollars on the line with a few of the honchos around my office. All of them happy to take my sucker bet of the Rox winning 81 games or being less than 13 games behind the Mets. It's going to be a long baseball season.

I've decided that I'm not going to take a pre-season like look at the remaining pieces of the Rockies roster as the bullpen has already seen a massive shake-up and most of the faces are new. Besides that, it just doesn't sound fun to do.

Throughout the year, I'll put together evaluations on how the Rockies are doing statistically and subjectively from homer-ville.

Tonight, however, just a lot of grouchy writing.

I've had it with Clint Hurdle. I'm ready for something new with this franchise and I think a kick in the nuts like firing the manager might be the right move. I dislike Hurdle but I don't loathe him as many of my compatriots do. As a tactician, he's a doof. I recently just purchased my copy of Baseball Prospectus 2007 (very late this year, I know, lots of things going on. If you don't have Baseball Prospectus's annual book, get it) and I am happy to point out that Clint Hurdle has cost us just shy of 10 wins over the last three years due to his inefficiencies. Other than that, however, I believe Hurdle lacks the ability to light fires under the rear-end's of most on this young roster and a Joe Girardi-type would be ideal.

I've also had it with people writing in to the local rags here and starting their rants off with "I'm as a big a baseball fan as anybody, but I just refuse to watch these Rockies until we get new ownership." If you don't like baseball, or the relevance of the sport has past you by, or maybe you dislike all of the scandal associated with the sport, that's all fine. Just don't preface your statement with "I'm as a big a baseball fan as anybody"... No, you're not. I am. I put up with this disaster of a franchise everyday of the season and all off-season. And I'm pissed with ownership, with the manager, the players, and sometimes the GM. But I WILL NEVER STOP WATCHING. Because I'm a homer.

CU Recruiting Tidbit...

According to Rivals, Chance Blackmon, a WR from Texas has committed to CU as of a couple of days ago. Blackmon is one of the top receivers in Texas and is rated a 4* with Scout (Rivals rating is pending). This is another little gem to start the year off. For those keeping track, we've already landed the top JUCO WR this cycle, Corey Surrency, and now Blackmon.

Also making rumblings is local kid Joe Harris out of GW, being recruited as an "Athlete" that will likely play LB. He is a major lean to CU right now and figures to end up a solid 3* recruit.

That's one 5*, one 4*, and one 3*. Just chipping away, a little at a time.

By the way, if you're a buff fan, they don't come much better than Andrew Friedman and Adam Munsterteiger over at BuffStampede.com (Rivals). Yes, you might think it's kind of dorky to be into College Football recruiting. But if you want to make that leap, I recommend you start with their site first.

Cheers to "Wait 'til Next Year!" and another day...



Hallux Valgus said...

the Buffs now have 2 commits from El Camino CC in Torrance. This might require a field trip down the 405