Friday, April 27, 2007

Saturday's CU Draft Prospects

I got this email from DJ yesterday that pretty much sums up this weekends draft if you are a CU fan:

There are 500 ranked draft prospects according to

CU owns numbers:

491- LB Thaddeus Washington (2nd to last at his position, so the 2nd worst ILB in the draft)

497- CB Lorenzo Sims (last at his position, so technically the worst CB in the draft, three spots from being the worst person in the draft)

458 - OG Brian Daniels (2nd to last at his position, so the 2nd worst OG in the draft)

90 - K Mason Crosby (best kicker, will be the only Buff to get drafted on the 1st day in 2nd/3rd rnd BUT could slip to the 4th rnd if certain trades are made because ATL and DAL are really the only teams that would draft him that early)

264 - C Mark Fenton (#9 at his position, projected 7 rnd-FA at best)

347 - DE Abraham Wright (29th at his position, FA possibility, tied for 6th SLOWEST 40 time of all DE's)

JJ Billingsley wasn't even ranked, anywhere...

Here is a 7 round Mock draft and they have only one buff (Mason) getting picked, later than expected too (4th round) ...

Teams would rather take Jeff Smardjajaiajad, who isn't even gonna play football, rather than draft some of our guys, to put this into perspective....

It's sad....we might have only one guy drafted on the 2nd day and 1 one the terrible and sad state of affairs.....

It's true. It is a sad state of affairs. Although it has been worse in the past few years. In 2005 we didn't have a single player drafted. In 2004 we only had a 5th round selection (DJ Hackett) and a 6th rounder (Sean Tufts). So this isn't a new trend this year. By comparison, in 1995 we had 10 players drafted, 7 of them on the first day. 1997 was the last time we had more than one first round draft pick in the same year. From the 1991-1997 drafts we had 45 players selected. CU used to be an NFL factory. Now, the fact that we have a kicker who will definitely be drafted means that we won't go another year without a single CU player picked.

As I said before though, I believe that rock bottom has been reached, and we are going to turn it around next year and start rebuilding this program to the national power we once were. Until then, it looks like Mason Crosby is saving our ass once again.

On a lighter note, check out the column I wrote for my other site Deadly Hippos last year about rating entertainers NFL draft style.

And here are some clips from some better times and better players..... and this one and this one too. Oh yeah, we can't forget about this one. Hopefully we will be enjoying plays and games like this next season.

On a side note, I'll be sitting courtside at the Nuggets game tomorrow night. I'll be sure to recount all the sordid details here on Sunday.... If I can remember them.


Commish CH said...

Shows the type of players that GB was bringing in. Although, Daniels and Thad were high ranked out of HS.

I don't see many players from this year's team going in 08 either.