Monday, June 23, 2008

Where are the Homers?

As our dozens of readers have probably noticed.... the Homers have been out of commission for quite some time. What's going on with them you ask?

Well, we could make excuses about new jobs, new children, mental instability, possible incarceration, an extended drug binge, etc... but we can't lie to you. The truth is this.... We just went fishing.

See? Here is a totally real picture from the trip.... which included myself, John Elway, Carmelo Anthony, Moe Cheeks and Andre Miller.... Forty Duece and Brainz were taking the picture.

That's why we weren't blogging....

Why don't you believe me???

No, that is NOT photo-shopped! We always go on vacation with those dudes!

So now that we're done with our totally sweet and successful fishing trip... I'm going to start blogging again. Just to forewarn you, some of my posts may have nothing at all to do with Colorado or sports... But until we get Deadly Hippos up and running again, I need a place to talk about shit like drinking, girls, the movie "Predator", racist natural disasters, and whatever the hell else I feel like talking about.

Talk to you soon....


Hercules Rockefeller said...

Finally. Shit, I seriously thought you guys were goners.

How'd the book do?

JT said...

Thanks Herc...

It depends on who you ask on the book. If you ask the publishers, they think the it's doing well... if you ask my wallet it's another story though!