Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Death of Our Mojo

There's nothing quite like pissing off your entire fan base on the eve of your first ever World Series.

What the hell is wrong with our organization?

There are so many things wrong with the attempts to sell World Series tickets, I don't even know where to begin. But I'll try....

Why do I, as a Rockies fan who lives roughly 15 miles from Coors Field, have the same opportunity to buy tickets as a Boston Red Sox fan.... or someone living in Duluth, Minnesota.... or someone in South Africa, or the Middle East, or anywhere else you can get a fucking internet connection?

Why wouldn't you have a lottery system that favors locals? Or sell half the tickets on-line, and half at the ticket office? Anything that would give YOUR OWN FAN BASE a leg up on the opposing fans and ticket brokers worldwide? I can't wait for Matt Hawpe to ground out with the bases loaded during game 4 at Coors Field and hear the crowd erupt in applause, since the stadium will be 1/3rd filled with Red Sox douchebags.

The only logical reason I can think of is that our ownership doesn't really care about the fanbase as much as the duckets they saw they could make from online marketing. We all know they claimed it was "to improve your ticket-buying experience and to make it as pleasant as possible" since we all stared at that same screen for hours watching the clock tick down. But God knows that wasn't true. My ticket buying experience was neither improved, nor as pleasant as possible. In fact, I don't remember another ticket buying experience being more unpleasant. It kind of felt like waiting in line to get tickets, only you get kicked in the testicles every two minutes, kicked out of line, and then you have to head back to the end of an 8 million person line only to get kicked in the junk again two minutes later.

The real reason they sent us all online is because of all the money they stood to make from their banner ads while we all waited. With 8.5 million people on their site simultaneously, every time a person clicked on one of those Qwest banners advertising broadband, or "gas friendly to gas free" Chevys, the Colorado Rockies earned $.50-$1.00 per click. So if you figure one out of every ten people got bored enough while waiting to click on a banner, we're talking about 850,000 clicks which would turn into $425,000-$800,000 in revenue for the Rox. Shit, we just paid for Troy Tulowitski and Manny Corpas' salaries! In only two hours!

Meanwhile, your fans who have supported you for the last 15 years (the last 12 being extremely shitty ones) can't get a ticket at face value, and now they have to go on eBay to pay a grand a pop for tickets from some kid in Norway who was able to get 4 tickets for game 3 on Saturday night!

So either our beloved Rockies owners are money loving pricks who don't care about their own fanbase, or they are retardedly stupid. Neither one makes me feel very good about the franchise.

The thing that really pisses me off about this whole experience is that it has put a huge shit cloud over this amazing run we've seen over the last month. All the good feelings, the good mojo, seem to have taken a major hit over the past two days as all of us Rockies fans spent 3+ hours per day getting kicked out of the website while trying to buy tickets.

Now, here we are less than 24 hours from the opening pitch of the first World Series in Rockies franchise history, and in place of all the excitement we were feeling a couple of days ago, now we're pissed off at the team after the ticket fiasco.

I guess we could blame ourselves also. I mean, it was our fault that we "maliciously attacked" the Rox servers. The nerve of us! Wanting to watch our team compete in the World Series! For SHAME Rockies fans for SHAME!!

Well, now it's all over. And now we have a few days to re-mortgage our homes so we can get a pair of tickets to watch our boys put a hurting on the Red Sox.

I think I'll be watching from home.

For those of you out there who feel a sense of loss at not seeing the below message on your screen right now, here it is one last time:

World Series tickets for Game 3, Game 4 and Game 5 at Coors Field are sold out.

Please wait for the server to become available. The site is experiencing heavy loads at this time.

To improve your ticket-buying experience and to make it as pleasant as possible, this site permits entry to a limited number of patrons at a time.

This page will refresh when the countdown timer below reaches zero. When this happens, the system will automatically try to access the site again.

Do not refresh this page or you will be dropped to the end of the line. Thank you for your patience.

Fuck off Monforts.