Friday, October 26, 2007

Buff Notes....

I don't really know what to expect out of tomorrow's game against Texas Tech. This year's team has been fairly inconsistent and tough to get a good read on. I guess that's to be expected out of a team that plays with more freshman than your average Girls Gone Wild DVD.

On one hand, we haven't exactly been successful with pass oriented teams this season. Even Baylor was able to rack up huge yards against us in defeat. But on the other hand, one dimensional teams like Texas Tech are easier to shut down. Look at the game we played against them last season. We completely shut down the run, held them to a sub-par passing day, forced a few turnovers, and breezed to a 30-6 win for our first victory of the season.

If we can play a similar game where we control the tempo, take care of the ball, and force some turnovers than we have a good shot at the win. But that's a pretty big if. Maybe it's a good thing that I don't have a great feeling about the game. After-all, every game I've felt good about we've ended up losing. I really hope we can pull it together tomorrow though. A win on the road in Lubbock would go a long way towards a bowl appearance this season. And that would be a pretty huge step considering where the program was last year.

- I watched #1 ranked Columbine put a serious beat down on #4 Bear Creek tonight. CU commit Curtis Cunningham looked pretty dominant in the win for the Rebels. He was consistently in the Bears backfield, had a sack for a safety, punished defenders on the offensive side of the ball, and even looked decent as the Rebels kick-off specialist. It's always good to know that if a catastrophe hits your kickers, your defensive tackle can step in and handle some kick-offs.

A couple of other Columbine players stood out. Wyoming commit Matt Birkeness was all over the field on defense. He'll play tight-end in college, but his size and speed really showed at LB for the Rebels. Might have been a nice recruit for CU at 6'4" 220 lbs with 4.6 speed. Another player who has stood out for Columbine all season is RB Orenzo Davis. I think he was listed at 5'10", but looked like he couldn't be more than 5'6". But he is a solid 180 lbs, and reminds me a lot of former Buff standout Roman Hollowell. I have heard he's mostly being recruited by 1-AA schools (or whatever the hell they're called now) but I'd like to see the Buffs at least offer him a spot as a walk-on. He looks like the kind of kid who could be a dangerous kick returner, and possibly see the field as a 3rd down type of back. Kind of like our own Glyn Milburn.

- Bear Creek O-Tackle Jeremiah Sirles is an absolute beast. He's a 6'8" 290 lbs. Junior who will most likely be one of the nations top o-line recruits next season. It sure would be nice seeing him and Ryan Miller bookend the offensive line in the future for the Buffs. Unfortunately for Jeremiah, it looked like he injured his knee pretty bad in the first half of the game.

I really don't know what to expect from tomorrows game. Every-time I feel like I have a read on this team and where they're headed, something new comes up. So I think my game-plan will be to get up in the morning, put a little Irish in my coffee, and watch the Buffs get a big W in Lubbock.

Oh yeah, and hopefully we'll see a dude do this on national TV:


Anonymous said...

Y'know, if RlTech ever gives Taylor Potts a chance, Harrell will be out of a job...