Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Buffs Ready Folsom for the Aged Bowden

Hello Friends -

I am back after a week off to write up a Buffs contest. Yes, I took a week off due to my anniversary, but I really didn't have a feeling one way or another last weekend anyhow.

Frankly, after watching my Tivo'd version of the ASU/CU debacle, I can see why I had no feeling. What a game to let get away...

Onward, to Mr. Bowden and the Seminoles.

Good stuff from Stewart Mandell of SI-fame today on the local KKFN 950 The Fan. Stewart basically couldn't understand why FSU was even ranked coming into this season and said South Florida is the better program right now. Nice. Jim Armstrong thinks that Florida State won't be able to compete with the other schools in Florida until Bowden retires or is fired. Again, nice.

The reason I hate this kind of crap is that there are a lot of people in Seminole Nation worried to death about this game. It has upset written all over it. The late start time, the altitude, the somewhat improved Buff Football Program. But even if the upset occurs, everyone is preparing themselves locally to say "Yeah, but...they're not the old Seminoles!"

Again, what are you going to do? I will be very happy to play a competitive game that isn't as dreadful as last weekend any day. A win will be gravy. Let's just see some nice improvement on the offense and get ready to get the full roster back for Miami of Ohio. Right?

This is a super winnable game, team. FSU is down, Drew Weatherford isn't very good (read: sucks), Bowden is old, and they are apparently not even on par with the mighty Bulls of South Florida. The game is past Bobby Bowden's bedtime. Swear to god, read Kyle Ringo's blog from The Daily Camera and check it out:

Better yet, why are the Buffs in a position to win this game that doesn't require picking apart an average Florida State team? For starters, two 4.4 guys are back in the lineup with Hugh Charles and Josh Smith ready to go. Hawkins reported that J-Fly has been "all world" in practice this week coming off a kidney laceration. Smith catches the two touchdowns dropped by Williams and Celestine, by the way, in that ASU game.

Also, Cody Hawkins is a film-room whore. He's been watching film of that putrid performance all week. There is one thing that I am absolutely sure of about Cody Hawkins; he is the type of player who gets better every week and is always prepared.

I also think you'll see Big Red this week for the first time, Mr. Ryan Miller. My fellow Columbine alum should be plowing through some undersized DTs (although very talented, I might add) and opening up some holes. I think he'll play RG, but would love to see him at RT soon with Edwin Harrison moving to guard.

Really, I have a GREAT feeling about this game. That usually doesn't mean much, but it sure is going to be fun to check the old barometer against a mighty (mediocre but still BCS?) foe this Saturday in Boulder.

My prediction, dear readers? CU 34 - FSU 31. A nail biter. Down to the wire. FSU has a chance to win the game on the last drive and misses the field goal, wide right. I think that may have happend somewhere before, right? Hawkins rebounds nicely with a 23-39 performance for 315 yards and three scores including a long one to the righteous #9, J-Fly. Ground game struggles, but is better than the ASU game and Sumler gains 50 tough yards and a TD and Charles picks up 75 or so on 15 carries. Dizon makes 20 more tackles. Burney gets a huge, and unexpected, pick, along with Walters. Wheatley never is challenged by the inept Weatherford. Ryan Miller will still have red hair and be massive.

Glory, Glory, Colorado!

May the Buffs be with you...and sleep well, Master Bowden. It's time to pass the torch...your too old to rock, no more rocking for you!!!!




Commish CH said...

this sure wouldve been a hell of a game back in the mid 90s eh? I think we'll see Mr Miller this week finally, and he may never come out. Although FlaSt has got 2 pretty dang good DTs and he'll have his hands full; they aint some chump from Bear Creek

Remember, wear Black this game!

Schmigg said...

Great stuff! I hope you're right on target... although I'm not sure if I could take another nail biter -- the CSU game nearly gave me a heart attack. I got to your post from