Friday, August 31, 2007

Dear Friends of the Black & Gold...

Dear Friends of the Black & Gold -

In less than a day, it will be the greatest day in the history of 2007.

September 1st is about redemption. It is about vengeance. It is a turning point of a great comeback story. Say what you will about the Mighty Buffaloes of Colorado or the Big 12 North, but things haven’t been this good in a long while in Boulder.

Here are the things we know:

*The budget for the Athletic Department will top $40 million for the first time in history this fiscal year. Kudos to Mike Bohn and staff for running things like a real business up there, finally.

*Construction is complete on fantastic renovations of Dal Ward and the locker rooms, and construction has commenced on a $3 million indoor practice bubble identical to the ones those rascals have down in Austin.

*Dan Hawkins would like to someday enclose the North endzone of Folsom and expand seating to 70,000.

*The media makes a big deal about all of the red shirt freshman and true freshman on the depth chart at CU. No kidding? That’s because the last two recruiting classes have markedly more talent than the final four of Gary Barnett’s era combined. The Buffs are inexperienced, but those kids are clearly better than the veterans. That is a good thing.

*Speaking of recruiting classes…Last year’s was ranked 30TH in the nation. I personally think you need to rank classes four different times, however.

1) On signing day (the 30TH in the nation part), 2) after the NCAA clearinghouse finishes with the kids (Auburn lost 9 recruits to academics), 3) after their first year on campus, and then 4) again after they graduate. All those things considered, CU only missed on getting two kids in this fall. One will “grey shirt” and enroll this winter and the other is a super stud JUCO RB that will also enroll in January with two years left to play. I think it’s safe to say that CU’s recruiting class moved up at least five notches after the clearinghouse finished.

*We have a much better QB than last year.

*We have much better WRs than last year.

*We are very thin at LB, which seems weird.

*The top player in the country for 2008 is “leaning” toward Colorado. Darrell Scott would be the biggest name recruit to come to Boulder in the history of our football program.

*Colorado A&M, as per usual with the Denver media, is vastly overrated and Sonny Lubick is two years away from being committed to a nursing home. He has been telling his boosters and fans all summer about how the Lambs will not only beat CU this year, but will destroy them and “blow them out”. Good stuff for Hawkins. Colorado A&M lost their last seven games in a row and barely beat the worst CU team in 20 years last year.

Things we don’t know:

*How Cody Hawkins will handle himself and this offense. Improved, yes. Enough to win games? We don’t know.

*Will the defense be as stout against the run this year and improve against the pass? Remember, very thin at LB and a new CB starting opposite of T. Wheatley.

*Will Kyle Bell be the old Kyle Bell or the broken Kyle Bell? If he is the old Kyle Bell, is that really anything to worry about?

*Has Patrick Williams really learned how to catch a football?

*Has new OL coach Jeff Grimes prepared his bunch to bust people in the mouth? Incidentally, Jeff Grimes was 3-0 at BYU against Colorado A&M as OL coach there.

*Are the Buffs truly the “strongest team I have ever coached” per Dan Hawkins? Remember, this team went from having less than 10 guys power clean over 300 lbs. to having 60+ players pull it off this summer. IF they are that strong, then Jeff Pittman – S&C Coach – is the MVP of 2007.

My prediction, my friends: CU 31, Colorado A&M 17. Cody Hawkins is efficient as hell and goes 18-25 for 215 yards and two TDs, one of them in the 1st quarter for over 40 yards. Hugh Charles and Demetrius Sumler destroy the Colorado A&M front seven with the help of our big uglies and the Buffs run for 300 yards. 500 yards of total offense and the game isn’t as close as the score would indicate.

After the game, the local media discusses how CSU is probably overrated and Buff fans shouldn’t get too excited. It’s much easier to do that than to give Hawkins any credit.

Are we ready for some football?

Vital Stat: In the history of the series between CU and Colorado A&M, the Buffs lead 57-20-1.

Bring on the Lamb Roast!!!! GO BUFFS!!!


Brainz – University of Colorado Class of 1999


Hallux Valgus said...

Brainz- you were pretty fucking on! You got our score, you got our passing. Nice. I can't express how happy I am for this win. We needed it just as much as most of us know, so there's no need to express it. You feel it. JT feels it. The rest of our blogosphere feels it.

Now let's go down the the desert and fuck up ASU. I can't even come up with funny, because I'm so fucking jacked for this season. Nice write up. It's time we got back to CU football, without the shitting on the Texas sideline, preferably.

Brainz said...

Thanks Hallux. Regrettably, I am reading your comment after last night's skewering at the hands of the low-class Sun Devils.

I mean this when I say this. We are going to be better and Colorado Homers is going to be there every step of the way. You stay tuned and keep your head down and fists up.