Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I can't quit you!

After spending the off-season in free-agency, weighing all of his options and narrowing down his list of teams, former CU Buff standout running back "6 Touchdown" Chris Brown is going to sign with the.... Tennessee Titans.... again. They agreed to terms on a new 1 year contract last night.

It seems kind of weird to me that someone would re-sign with the team that decided not to renew their contract at the end of last season, but professional football isn't always an easy thing to figure out. And also, sometimes your starting running back shows up to camp looking like he ate Rosie O'Donnell. Brown can thank former Chatfield HS running back Lendale White for his newest bag of money from the Titans. Lendale was given the starting RB job in the beginning of the off-season when the Titans decided not to resign Brown and let Travis Henry go via free-agency. Then White got stung by a bee in the off-season and started swelling exponentially, which resulted in the Titans using a 2nd round pick on a RB and now re-signing Chris Brown. You've gotta love it when you see a young man taking full advantage of great opportunities!

Lendale, your job is to play football. And people are willing to pay you millions of dollars to play it. All you have to do is stay in shape. So put down the doughnuts and extra plate of barbecue and jump on the treadmill or something. I'm begging you!

As for Brown, he should split carries again for the Titans with White and occasionally rookie RB Chris Henry. But Henry is likely to be commit a handful of crimes before the season starts just by name osmosis. Brown has had an up and down career, running for 1,000 yards in 11 games back in 2004 while averaging nearly 5 yards per carry. Since then he has been plagued by injuries (mostly of the mysterious "turf toe" variety) and shown just enough upside to always warrant a spot at the end of my Fantasy bench year in and year out. Actually, no matter what he does in the NFL, he will always have a home on my fantasy team for this:

As a Colorado Buffalo, I owe him that much.... we all do.

In other important fantasy football news, here's how our Broncos rated out in the inaugural player position rankings at CBS Sportsline:

- Jay Cutler #9 QB
- Travis Henry #10 RB
- Javon Walker #10 WR
- Brandon Marshall #49 WR
- Dan Graham #18 TE
- Tony Scheffler #19 TE
- Jason Elam #4 K
- Broncos #6 DST

The Cutler rating jumps out at me. I think he is going to have a season that will either put him in the top 5 of fantasy QB's or he'll be like an Eli Manning (who ranked at #17 for QB's). Travis Henry is ranked about right considering the other RB's in the league, same goes for Javon. I think that Brandon Marshall is going to have a breakout season though and should end up somewhere in the top 20 fantasy receivers. Much like our real season, the fantasy numbers will all fall on Cutler's shoulders. We have the potential to be a dangerous, high scoring offense if Cutler can handle the wheel.

I'm in. I think he can do it. But I'm a homer. He'll have a few ups and downs, but with the talent we've surrounded him with I think he can get it done.

Plus Champ and Dre will pretty much keep other teams from using that tricky "forward pass" against us, so the defense should keep us in most games.

God I can't wait for football to start.


Commish CH said...

Im thinking CB has a lingering injury that is going to hamper his career. The good news is he already has played long enough to get his pension from the NFL.

Im thinking he can still hang on a few more years. Vets like him are always in demand.

His main problem is distinguishing between himself and the R&B singer of the same name. Run it, run it.

JT said...

And that is a pretty big problem.

Imagine what it's like to have your publicist book you an appearance only to show up and be booed off the stage by thousands of 12 year old girls.

TryTime5280 said...

If the Rox win tonight it will be yet another series win. They haven't lost in the last 7 series (split with the Cards).

I agree, the Rox are like the ex girlfriend you keep getting back with just to get cheated on...again, but maybe, just maybe, these Rox aren't hot. This is who they are.

Any insight on how the Broncos are going to use Dan Graham? Is he going to be more of a receiving threat then he was with the pats? or is he just gonna be the blocking TE?

Just found your guys' blog and love it.

JT said...

Thanks trytime, come back and check us out often.

As tempting as it is for me to get back with the Rockies, I'm not sure if I'm ready to open myself up to them again. I have to admit that I really like the players on the team right now. I'm even sneaking out to watch a couple games.... but I'm not ready for the bandwagon yet.

I think Graham will be used more as the blocking tight end. Which is a shame because he could be a great recieving TE. Somehow he picked up the label as a blocker and has been phased out of passing attacks.