Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gameday - Some Videos Before Game 2

I decided to take my own advice and take the day off work to get mentally prepared (loosely translated, drink some beer) before the Nuggets game tonight. I've been spending the morning perusing youtube and have found some clips to help the rest of you losers stay entertained at work today. Plus it will help to pass some time before the big game.

I've got to start it off with my favorite basketball clip of all time. I'm talking, of course, about the little kid getting drilled in the head with a full court shot:

I feel like you have to watch that one a few times to really appreciate it. Notice him running past the camera at first, and then the crowd reaction after he gets de-cleated. Outstanding stuff!

Just in case you forgot how crazy Mike Tyson is, my boy TJones emailed me this. I really don't know which one is my favorite, but I think I'm going with the argument with the Channel 9 guy, or maybe when he talks about hating his friends and fans:

Probably my favorite Will Farrell SNL skit ever:

Another Will Farrell compilation that can best be summed up with one word.... ASIA!!

Remembering two of my favorite Nuggets of all time, The Packman and The Birdman. Not sure what these two are up to now, with The Birdman being kicked out of the league and Pack punching that Estonian dude in a euro game:

About tonight's game; You've got to think that the Spurs are going to come hard tonight. If they lose again and go down 2-0 with three games ahead at the Pepsi Center than they are pretty much done. For that same reason this is a huge game for the Nuggets. They can't take the night off, content with getting the road win and home-court advantage.

As Nuggets fans we've got to feel good about the fact that we won Sunday despite not scoring 100 points (we were 3-23 during the regular season when scoring below 100) on the road, with only one fast break bucket. And that was the Melo dunk at the end of the first half. So we basically beat the Spurs playing their style on their court. Now we just need to go out and do it again.

Here are some clips to get you fired up for tonight:

A little reminder from game 1:

Some clutch Melo shots, if the last clip doesn't get you fired up for tonight then nothing will: