Friday, January 25, 2008

My 2 Cents on Darrell Scott

Today's the big day in our pursuit of Darrell Scott. Today's the day we send all of the troops into the Scott household (seven coaches in all is what I've heard) and do our best to persuade him to don the Black and Gold, and lead our Buffs to at least three consecutive National Championships. Today could be remembered as one of the greatest days in Colorado Buffalo history when it's all said and done. And how do I feel about it all?

Enough already.

I'm tired of it.

For those of you who follow CU football and recruiting closely, by now you are very familiar with Darrell Scott. For those of you who don't, Darrell Scott is the top running back recruit for the 2008 cycle who has narrowed his list of schools down to basically CU and Texas, and in the process he has turned both fan-bases into the equivalent of the mass of paparazzi following the Britney Spears train-wreck on a daily basis.

"My friend's barber knows Darrell Scott's HS coaches brother.... and he says that Darrell's favorite fruit is an orange! Not good for us."

"I hear Darrell Scott talked to a UT fan, and after being asked to do it, he took a picture holding the hook 'em horns hand signal! We are F@*@*D!!"

"My inside source said that Darrell talks to his uncle (and best friend) Josh Smith every day! He's a CU lock."

I can't take this shit anymore!!

Don't get me wrong, I would be ecstatic if Darrell chose to come to CU. I'd fall on my knees and thank the football Gods for hours on end for bestowing their grace upon my beloved Buffs. (Then I would spend the next several days praying that he won't blow out a knee before he reaches his potential. See; Houston, Marcus.) I would be more excited than ever at the potential of our rebuilding program.

And how would I feel if he signs with Texas?

Pretty much the same.

And it's not out of the question. If we realistically look at CU through the eyes of a 17/18 year old recruit what do we see? A team that hasn't won a conference title since they were 10/11 years old? A team that hasn't won a National Championship since before they were born... or maybe they were 1 year old? Not really impressive to a high school kid.

But it doesn't really matter.

See, with or without Scott we will still have a Top 25 recruiting class this season. One of the best in recent memory. Probably the best since Marcus Houston and Craig Ochs were part of the 2000 recruiting class.

We still have arguably the top LB class in the nation with 4*'s Lynn Katoa, Jon Major, Shaun Mohler and 3*'s Doug Rippy and Will Pericek.

We are building on the strength of last season's offensive line recruiting class with the addition of 4* players Bryce Givens and Max Tuioti- Mariner, and 3* tackle Ryan Dannewitz.

We are adding some very talented TE's in 4* Ryan Deehan and potentially 4* Jake Murphy (son of Dale Murphy) and 3* Ryan Wallace, a former Louisville commit.

We have stud 3* DT Curtis Cunningham from Columbine HS, who impressed at the Under Armour All-American game, 3* DB's Patrick Mahnke and Stephen Hicks, 3* WR Chance Blackmon, and the impressive 3* QB from Southern California, Tyler Hansen.

Oh yeah, and even if we don't end up with Darrell Scott, we still have the #11 ranked RB in the country Ray Polk already signed.

What I'm saying is we will be fine with or without him.

Although.... with all that said, I still am praying that Darien Hagan, Brian Cabral and the fellas win over Darrell Scott with every once of charm and conviction in their bodies. That by the end of today we start hearing the rumors that Darrell gave us his commitment during the visit... and he's calling all of the unsigned Top 100 players left in the country to convince them to join him at CU.... and he has guaranteed at least 3 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons, Big 12 titles, and National Championships before he leaves Boulder.....

But it probably won't happen.

We most likely won't have any clue about his intentions until National Signing Day on February 6th.

So until then let's all just relax, and let's all remember what we already have. We have an up and coming program with a coaching staff dedicated to returning us to national prominence. We have the best recruiting class in 8 years ALREADY committed to the program, and anything else is just gravy.

So let's all talk about something else for a while....

Like the movie Cloverfield, the #1 movie in America which happens to be written by CU Alum (and friend to myself and Forty Duece) Drew Goddard.

That movie was AWESOME!!



Commish CH said...

i hear ya JT, the Scott soap opera is nauseating at times. Seems to me something is up with his HS "recruting coordinator"

Never seen this much fawning over a 17 year old by grown men since Kip Winger.