Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Meet Chucky Atkins

The Nuggets signed free agent point guard Chucky Atkins on Monday to replace Steve Blake, who recently signed with Portland. Details of the Atkins deal haven't been released, but if the Rashard Lewis deal is any sort of guideline, than we are probably paying Chucky in the ballpark of $11 million per year. I will never understand how the Orlando Magic decided that Rashard Lewis was worth twice as much money as former CU Buff Chauncey Billups (congrats to Chauncey on his new deal by the way). Chauncey has played in two all-star games, been an NBA Finals MVP, made two All NBA teams and two defensive All NBA teams. Rashard Lewis has played in one All-Star game and scored two points.....

Actually, now that I think about it, Chucky Atkins has scored only two less all-star points than Lewis. Plus he has more playoff experience than him.... Maybe we're paying Chucky $100 million! NBA GM's are retarded.

Actually, the rumor is that the deal is worth somewhere around $3 million per year. If this is true than it's actually a pretty good value for the Nuggets.

So welcome aboard to Chucky Atkins! Here are some facts to help us Nuggets fans get to know our newest team member a little better:

- Chucky averaged 13.2 ppg and 4.6 assists per game for the Memphis Grizzlies last year.

- Chucky and Allen Iverson won a gold medal together in the 1995 World University Games. They won by 60 in the gold medal game.

- Chucky's real name is Kenneth Lavon Atkins. So obviously he now goes by the nickname Chucky. If I had to guess where the nickname comes from, I'd say it's because he looks just like that psychotic killer doll Chucky.

- The last time Chucky played against the Nuggets he had 28 points and 12 assists.

- Chucky was undrafted out of college and played 3 years in Croatia.

- Chucky has shot 37% from three point range for his career.

- Chucky doesn't like it when you call him Kenneth.

- Chucky likes quiet walks and riding tandem bicycles.

- Chucky's favorite movies are You've Got Mail and "anything with Ben Affleck".

- Chucky beat the entire God of War game in one night.

- Chucky's favorite song to kareoke is "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake.

I think this is a good move for the Nuggets. Atkins is a step up from Blake (for less money) and he will provide us a desperately needed outside threat. Hopefully he'll be able to adapt to our up-tempo style of play, and he probably shouldn't expect to average double figures with Melo and AI on his team. But overall this signing looks good for the Nuggets.


Summer League Wrapup -

You never learn too much from an NBA summer league, but here are a few things of note from Vegas:

- Skeeta still can't play.

I don't think his 6 ppg and 6 rebounds will garner him another shot in the NBA... but with NBA GM's you never know.

- Von Wafer is legit.

I think Von's 42 points in the last game against the Knicks may have wrapped up a roster spot for him next season. He averaged over 24 ppg during the 5 Nuggets games, shot 44% from deep, and made the summer league all-star team (which is kind of like being the tallest guy in Japan, or one of the toughest kids in the science club, but still it's something).

- Coby Karl has a chance to play in the NBA.

Karl looked pretty impressive with the Lakers. He shot the ball well, showed some passing ability, and kind of creeped everyone out with how much he looked like his dad. Plus I could see both him and Wafer at camp next season trying out for the last spot and George Karl looking at them both and saying, "Ok. You guys both played well, showed you could shoot and play in our system. Now, we know that Coby has beat CANCER.... Von, what have you ever beat? Nothing? Well then.... (shakes head and makes a check mark on his clipboard) OK. Von, is your dad the head coach of this team also? No? Ooooh. This isn't looking good for you Von."


You've gotta love Stephon Marbury's increasingly crazy ass. He's now saying that when his contract with the Knicks is up, he is going to play in Italy. Here's his direct quote:

For my 14th pro season, I want to go when I can still go hard and give the people what they want. I'm looking at how David Beckham is getting love for coming here. He's 32. I'll be 32 at the end of my Knicks' contract. Imagine if someone told him not to follow his heart to play soccer in the U.S.

I want to do the same thing for basketball and spread the Starbury Movement so people all around the world can benefit. I want to make things affordable for everybody.

Spread the movement Starbury! Do it for the people! Do it for Italy! God knows, if there is one thing that Italians love, want and need, it's discount shoes.