Wednesday, June 27, 2007

07-07-07 Update; Elway Day Gaining Momentum

Good news Broncos fans! Clay Travis at CBS Sportsline has endorsed the John Elway Day movement. Make sure you read the column (it's a great interview with ex-Chief, and Super Tecmo legend, Christian Okoye) and you'll see he gives us some love at the end. Elway Day will not be stopped!!

We are also currently working on getting a few bars throughout the Denver Metro area to sponsor some kind of Elway Day promotions. We'll be providing links to places that the Elway hordes will be gathering to celebrate as they become available.

We can use this site as an Elway Day think tank. A sort of e-village with ideas of places to gather, special Elway Day drinks to consume, or just a place to share your favorite John Elway moments. Please share in the comments section.

I'll get the Elway stories going with one of my favorites:

Date - September 17th, 1995
Site - Mile High Stadium
Opponent - Washington Redskins.

It was the third game of the Mike Shanahan era in Denver. Elway was leading a young team with a young head coach and some serious potential. We had an unknown rookie RB named Terrell Davis in the backfield, and relied heavily on Elway to carry the team. I was sitting in the west stands of the old Mile High with my buddy Wade, who's dad had given us the tickets. It was a beautiful Colorado day.

We were going the distance with the Skins in a shootout, Elway was having a monster day that would see him end up with 327 yards and a couple of TD passes. But with a minute or two left, the Skins tied the game at 31, and the following kickoff went out of the end-zone leaving Elway 80 yards and two minutes to lead us to victory.

No problem.

The drive stalled out at the Redskin 43 yard line though, and Shanny decided it was too far to risk a FG block. So on 4th down (I think) Elway dropped back sending everyone down the right side of the field for the old Hail Mary. He scrambled right, stopped, and threw a laser towards the only receiver running down the left side of the field. This lonely receiver was an undrafted rookie named Rod Smith, who had yet to catch his first pass in the NFL. Elway's throw was on the money and Rod Smith snatched it in front of his defender to score the game winning 43 yard TD, with no time left on the clock.

Wade and I (and the rest of Mile High Stadium) went batshit crazy.


Following up with Brainz analysis of the newest CU recruits, here is a youtube video of Tyler Hansen. I'd say Brainz was right on about this kid. He can make a lot of throws and looks pretty polished for a 17 year old, and I'm pretty sure that his dad picked his highlight tape tunes. I don't think i've heard the song "Highway to the Dangerzone" in the last 17 years, so I'm pretty sure that Tyler hasn't either.