Tuesday, May 29, 2007

State of the Rockies #6...Some Things Best Left Unsaid

Hi Friends,

Welcome back to me. Where have I been? None of your damn business. Actually, I was trying to catch up at work (writing for Colorado Homers pays little, believe it or not) and dealing with my daughter falling down the stairs. Good times, all around. She's fine, her mother and father felt terrible, and life will be fine over at work.

Let's get up to speed.

First off, I watched a C. Springs Sky Sox game a little over two weeks ago and I will follow up this State of the Rockies with the first "Down on the Farm" tomorrow. Whilst on vacation and travelling the beautiful state of Colorado (where else would a Colorado Homer go for vacation?), I didn't read a newspaper or watch TV for six whole days. When I arrived in Grand Junction and took a look at what the hometown nine were up to, I saw that we dropped 2 of 3 to the lower than lowly Royals and were roughly 10 games below .500. Fantastic.

I started fuming from the ears and writing phantom blog columns in my head about how I couldn't do it anymore. I not only couldn't write a story about these shitheads anymore, I wasn't sure I was even going to pretend to be a fan anymore.

Harkening back to the glory days of the Denver Nuggets in the 90's, I began formulating a plan for adopting a new "favorite" baseball team. This was a practice that Homer JT, Homer Wade, and myself would use to tame our basketball-less souls in the midst of a tough 13 year stretch for the Nuggets. My adopted team was the Minnesota T-Wolves with Marbury and Garnett. It made me fell dirty and I really didn't want to have to go down that road again.

But then I decided not to write anything and just listen for awhile.

First, there was the proverbial drivel written by hack columnists in both rags. Second came that ever educated letter to the editor from Rockie Fan that begs you not to spend money on the low life Monforts so that they will ultimately have to sell the team or move the franchise. And even Sandy and Moser started to get into it on AM 950, begging Charlie or Dick to come on the The Sports Guys show.

The PR geniuses on Blake Street did nothing. As usual. Silence fell upon the Mile High City from all of the Rockies brass other than Hurdle and O'Dowd who were falling over each other to graciously accept blame for the poor play.

Following their lead, I sat back and waited for something resembling an intelligent opinion to be written. Then something funny happened...

Our baseball team that likes to impersonate a weekend hacker on the golf course started to put it together. All aspects of the game started to be executed in unison and we started winning. A lot. As of this writing, that would be six times in a row they have won. They've won with offense, with pitching, and they've come from behind for wins. They've done it in regulation and in extra innings. God bless 'em! They're shooting in the 70s!

In fact, I get a weird feeling watching them now and I expect them to win.

In regards to the retarded columnists in this town, finally Dave Krieger and Troy Renck wrote great pieces this past 1/2 week. Krieger - who is the only writer on God's green Earth that the Monforts talk to - discussed ownership's perspective while Renck touched on Team President McGregor's disappointment and the changing of Hurdle's attitude. Krieger, incidently, is fast becoming the only writer worth a damn in all of Denver. Renck is OK when he is at his best, but failed to mention that McGregor being a former CSU Lamb is probably the reason the club is so poorly run. Buh-dump-bump. Thank you folks, I'll be here all week.

So what do I think? I'm flattered you asked...

I already said that the lineup was good enough and now that Kaz is back, it seems much more 3-Dimensional. I still would like to see Ubaldo Jimenez with the big club sooner rather than later, but Buchholz has looked dynamite during the streak and the pitching has been phenomenal. The bullpen is healthy but could still stand one more arm.

Hurdle is still a bad manager and definitely not right for the job anymore, change in attitude or no. This streak, based on the front office's past, should earn him a lifetime contract. It's too bad, too, because I was hoping we were going to beat the Yankees to Joe Girardi.

Either way, it's nice to feel good about the Purple Pinstripes again. Just in time for the start of summer.

Other than that, this fan is sticking to his 86 win prediction and sticking with his favorite baseball team.

Go Rox!