Thursday, April 19, 2007

You Know It's Amazing...One

Welcome to Colorado Homers, and thank you for checking out our first week w/ an actual site. This is going to become a recurring column and a restart of one of my old columns when I was over at Here at CH we've had a chance to be around lots and lots of Colorado Sports and quite a bit of national sports, and we plan on sharing some stories and perspectives on anything and everything we find interesting.

This column title originated from a phrase former-Buffs hoops coach Ricardo Patton used to use in the late 90's. He often used it in reference to just about anything. Which is what I'm planing to do here as sort of a gimmick to touch on anything that might be on my mind. This way I don't really have to organize any information and it can kind of just spew out into the blog...

I got this from reading Bill Simmons Page 2 column and haven't stopped thinking about it, especially in these last few weeks of the NBA. Was the 'fix' in for the end of the Sacramento game on April 4th? A couple sources to reference before you make your decision on this one.
Remember, the Maloofs whom own the Kings and the The Palms Vegas hotel/casino are also involved here. As if they don't already have enough money. BTW, the spread was -7 on the game.

  • The Angry T Blows the whistle on possible point scam
  • 4th qtr. Play-by-play from

  • In Nugs, and fantasy hoops news, Carmelo has been turning the ball over w/ much less frequency over the last week or so. Thank goodness, and lets hope this carries over vs. the stingy Spurs. The DN can't survive a 8-10 TO night from the father of Kiyan.

    Speaking of 'possible' cheating. It's my opinion that any MLB player who has taken, is taking, or will take steroids, HGH, Andro, etc. should be labeled a cheater and be banished from major & minor league baseball. Haven't decided if it should be a 2 strike rule or not, one year/season suspension followed by closely monitored testing? Or just ban them for life from the get go.
    There is not shortage of baseball players looking for a shot at the big leagues, let those guys who work hard and have paid their dues get a well deserved shot. Allowing cheaters back in just casts a shadow over the game that used to be known as America's Pasttime.

    Barry Bonds is coming to Coors Field?! Is there any excitement? The single most disliked player in baseball since...hmm, that's a tough one, I'm gonna have to say Ty Cobb. Why is Bonds strike zone so much smaller than reg. players, and why do the umps make it that way? The way he shows up umpires and treats everyone in the game, you'd think that they'd be just waiting to punch him out on anything resembling a strike. It really is unfair for your strike zone and genitalia to shrink simultaneously. It should be proportional to head size or body mass or something no? Letters to the top of the knees. Ah, ya know it's amazing, why are we discussing cheaters again?

    When was the last time you saw a father playing catch w/ his son/daughter in the front yard? I've seen a few weekend ballplayers on local baseball fields, but never see it any other time. How do you think Roy Halladay got to go 10 innings vs. one of the best teams in baseball the other day? It sure as hell wasn't from sitting around writing blogs or playing video games all day, that much I can tell you.

    Speaking of being outside. Do people in Colorado play hoops outdoors? Or is it just too windy all the time? Being from Iowa they had courts in most parks, and flat driveways, so people played outdoors all the time. I just don't see that happening here. There are plenty of outdoor hoops around...what gives?

    Upcoming NFL football draft. What are the Broncos in need of most? I'm hearing leaders, and defense, we've got some big shoes left to fill, Al Wilson, Tatum Bell, Cooper Carlisle, Darrent Williams, etc. Hey, how's former Buff TE and outstanding NFL Tackle Matt Lepsis doing? It has been about 6 months since that left knee injury... I once saw Mix Master Lepsis scratch up some vinyl and lets just say, he's a true Texan when it comes to spinnin' records. I really like the off-season moves the Broncos have made...especially snatching up another former CU TE in Daniel Graham. And w/ Travis Henry at RB, I think Cutler and the rest of the Denver offense is stacked w/ plenty of weapons.

    CU Hoops looks like they lost one of Bzdelik's assistant coaches to the head Air Force job. Sounds like they may have been impressed w/ what he wore to the informal exit interview. You know it's amazing, that has to make you wonder if you're ever gonna be able to pull off the polo shirt and sweat pants when you reach the half century mark? Is that you Joe Harrington? Can you actually skirt the no denim rule at Vista Ridge by rockin' sweatpants instead? I'm curious if that would fly...maybe during the week. "Uh, Ms. Duke, we're enforcing the no denim rule, we're gonna have to ask ya to leave." That reminds me, I've got a great story about a buddy who wore a pair of basketball shorts into the world famous Brass Rail in Toronto one time. Tryin' to keep this PG-13 so I'll have to tell that at a later date.

    You know, it's amazing... the media is taking things entirely too far w/ news breaking situations. The VA Tech shootings occurred Monday, and every news website had links begging for videos w/ footage to be uploaded. Isn't that taking technology too far? Shouldn't the authorities be alerted 1st and formost if you have this kind of evidence? IMO - The gen. public and news stations shouldn't have access to this footage. And I don't think the death toll should be reported like an auction bidding war. 22, 29, 30, 31... As for coverage of this tragic and indescribable event I thought CBS news ( had the most informative and updated news on Monday. And I do think NBC correctly handled (immediately informed the FBI) the package they were sent from the shooter.

    I can't wait for the weekend playoff games to get started. Go Nuggets!In a Fez like voice "I said, No Denim!"


    Brainz said...

    Homer Forty Deuce -

    Well done. I like the format and am always entertained with Coach P.-isms.

    Looking forward to the regular column.

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