Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who are the Colorado Homers?

We are Colorado sports fans. Huge Colorado sports fans. And we plan to bring you a fans perspective on what's happening in the state of Colorado sports. We're going to be honest, even when it hurts a little. We're going to tell you what we think, and hopefully we will make you laugh too. Well, everyone except for Jeff. He isn't funny.

Here are a few of our beliefs:

1. John Elway is the greatest quarterback and football player who ever lived. Period. Spare us with your Joe Montana / Dan Marino / Tom Brady / Peyton Manning arguments. That shit ain't gonna fly here.

2. The Colorado Buffaloes will rise again. The last couple of years have been trying, but calm the hell down CSU fans, we'll be beating your ass regularly again soon.
3. AI and Carmelo will make it work. Sprinkle in a little Nene and some Marcus Camby and we've got a contender on our hands... as long as we don't play the Spurs.

4. Louis Wright should be in the Hall of Fame. So should Randy Gradishar, Steve Atwater, Terrell Davis, and a handful of other Broncos. It's an atrocity that one of the most successful franchises in NFL history has only one player in the Hall of Fame.

5. The Colorado Rockies will make the playoffs in the next 35 years. Trust us on this one.... it's bound to happen at least once.

6. The Colorado Rapids are a soccer team. That's about the extent of our knowledge in this area. And Dick's Sporting Goods probably isn't the best named sponsor for a new stadium. Maybe next time they can collect some dough from Vagina's Boating Supplies and slap that name on a stadium.
7. Avalanche fans are spoiled. Our team missed the playoffs this year for the first time since moving here in 1996. With Captain Joe the only real name left from the Stanley Cup days, we may have to get used to watching the Nuggets in the playoffs every spring instead.
8. Jake Plummer will be missed by the Broncos and their fans. But not because of his on field play (which could best be described as "ass-tastic") only because of his awesome facial hair stylings. (Jake's beard < Jake's porn-stache)

Check back regularly, we'll try to keep the content current. Hold onto your balls Colorado sports fans, this could be fun.


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